There are many revenue share sites out there and a number I have been in and earned well out of. Many have slowed down in their profit shares as more and more revenue sites pop up distracting people in all the launch frenzy.

So here is a comparison of the profit shares as they stand today. Please forgive some of my calculations that may not be 100% accurate but will be a fair comparison.


This is the ultimate and leading program online. The bench mark in profit shares. Profit shares have varied widely from 2% to over 40% per day in the past few months since April.

The effectiveness of buying advertising on the site and promoting your offers is still incredible with Ad Hit Profits but as a profit share it is slow.

From my calculations the daily returns in my last ad listing purchases are 0.26% per day.

Now compared to history this is incredibly low, but as far as a consistent return it is giving about 7.8% per month (if it continued at this rate), which in the normal world of returns is quite acceptable.

Plus Ad Hit Profits demonstrates it is a real business sharing the profits in a real business. It is definitely not a HYIP nor is it a Ponzi. It is a business that has had a slow down in profits but is working hard to bring it back up. Over the past few days there have been a few little spikes so some movement is definitely happening and Charles Schoville the owner and admin of the site is in a class of his own as an honest and transparent leader without any bullsh*t at all (refreshing).

Directory listings

cost $45 – to get a profit share you need to click 10 ads per day. Profit share gives you 125%.

Other advertising

Via PPC ads for both worldwide clicks at $0.25 and GEO targeted at $0.50

These PPC ads are with banner ads – 125×125, 468×60 or 728×90

Static banner ad option

728×90  costing:

Per day: $350

Per week: $2400

Per month: $9500

Members 34,106

To take advantage of the powerful advertising in Adhit Profits sign up for free here:


This site is a clone of the original Ad Hit Profits with a few additional features. Many blamed this site for the original slow down of Ad Hit Profits profit shares. I’m not 100% sure whether that was really the case as many additional revenue share sites popped up at the same time.

The profit shares in Adzibiz have also ranged from 5% to over 40% per day but similar to Ad Hit Profits it’s profit shares have slowed down over the past week or so.

Again the advertising in the site is effective for promoting other opportunities.

From my calculations the daily returns in my last ad listing purchases are 0.85% per day.

Again historically this is low but it has slightly picked up over the past couple of days. This is giving about 25.5% per month (if it continued at this rate).

Directory listings cost $39 – to get your profit share you need to click 12 ads per day. Profit share gives you 128%.

Other advertising…

Banner login ad

(rotating): 1 day $10 | 1 week $59 | 1 month $199

125×125 banner

(rotating): 1 day $15 | 1 week $69 | 1 month $299

468×60 banner

(rotating) 1 day $19 | 1 week $79 | 1 month $399

(static) 1 day $79 | 1 week $299 | 1 month $799

728×90 banner

(rotating) 1 day $29 | 1 week $159 | 1 month $499

(static) 1 day $159 | 1 week $699 | 1 month $1999

Pic & Text ad

(rotating) 1 day $10 | 1 week $59 | 1 month $199

PTC (Pay to click) ads

(Featured) 420 clicks $11.70 | 1167 clicks $32.50 | 14,000 clicks $258.70

(Standard) 420 clicks $9 | 1167 clicks $25 | 9,287 clicks $199

Review Page

Facility to create your won SEO optimised review page has no additional charge to it.

Members 13,214

To take advantage of the advertising options and profit shares in Adzibiz get a free account now at:


This site is not as pretty as the last 2 sites, but each ad share is only $2.50 with a profit share giving you 150% after clicking 10 ads per day.

This site is slow to navigate around and is not as smooth as Ad Hit Profits and Adzibiz.

The profit shares in Rev Ad Networks has ranged from 8% to 20% per day and as with the other revenue share sites it also has slowed down but not to the same degree as others.

Rev Ad Networks have co-ordinated marketing with members put into teams via a facebook group – so it appears this has helped to continue growth in a structured and motivated way. (But I must admit I do not enjoy using the site as much as the others – but I am sure they are working on the smoothness of navigation and ad clicking).

From my calculations my last ad purchases are returning 4.4% per day. This is the equivalent of 132% per month (if it continued at this rate).

What you get with each $2.50

Your ad shares give you credits for placing:

Youtube ads

Login ads

Directory listings ads

125×125 banner ads

468×60 banner ads

Text ads

Credits for mailing members

Members 3,969

To take advantage of the included ad options and profit shares in Rev Ads Network you can get a free account here:



I use a couple of other Revenue Share sites such as UTS Profits and the up and coming Internet Evolving (waiting on patent acceptance) – I believe the importance with these revenue share sites is focus.

There are so many ‘hit and run’ users of these sites with a limited attention span jumping on the understandable launch frenzy bandwagon. They get involved with one program see it work great for some time and then the minute it slows down they jump ship to take advantage of another launch.

I must agree many launches do see some big returns in the first few days (not all but most) so I understand the attraction and I have profited from this too.

But I have also lost out on a few too like Boocoohits and Adsrev where they launched semi OK and then nothing and my money (like everyone else’s) is locked inside without any future opportunity to get it back out.

So what is the solution? How do you escape this up and down trap? And how do you stop running for the hills jumping from program to program?

Thats where focus comes in.

There will always be some newest and latest shiny object to grab your attention but it is better to dig in and build just a few programs and focus on those.

The launch frenzy can be profitable if you know what you are doing but it is always short lived and you will lose from time to time, possibly more times than winning.

So my suggestion is to wait for the programs to settle, to have a track record of over a month of giving great returns because none of us want fly by night wonders. I would suggest we each want and need long term programs that we can build and grow – and in the launch phase we are just not gong to know if ANY program is going to be a long term winner.

Realistically if a program is going to be a winner, it will be a winner in a months time anyway, so re-examine it then.


For me like you I am pitched every 5 minutes. But it is better to focus on what works and build that.

My favourites for Revenue Shares are Ad Hit Profits, Adzibiz, Revads Network and I will re-investigate UTS when it has it’s main launch 30 July and Internent Evolving (simply because they will be cornering a new market with their credit and debit card payment system).

Beyond this I would suggest looking at some low maintenance options.

I love Malaysian INC – I am getting consistent returns of 2.3% – 2.4% per day over the long term and I get my principal back. They still use an instant payout system. It’s not earth shattering but it is consistent and reliable.

And I am mega pumped up about iMarkets Live for the long long term – 2 minutes a day for complete income replacement using their forex signals service amongst their package of tools. Love it, love it, love it.





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