Rev Ads Network is not the prettiest of sites nor is it the smoothest to use but so far my personal account (without a single referral) looks like it will give me 280% per month in profits and more.

Rev Ads Network is another profit share site but one with a difference as their ad shares are only $2.50 each. Each one will get 150% in profit before it matures and because the cost is so low you can repurchase a lot earlier so that you can get 150% profit on every $2.50 of profit that comes in. This allows a faster degree of growth.

In my personal account I do not have single referral (because I have not shared this site with anyone) so my results are comparable to the masses.

My account is not be typical nor will it be average as I do take action in clicking 10 ads per day and I did start with 40 shares costing $100.

Over a 6 day period my account has averaged a daily profit of 9.34%, so if the same level of growth continued for 30 days I will have received over 280% in profits.

So $100 becomes $280.20 and $1,000 becomes $2,802. That is a great return in a matter of such a short space of time.

Here is a tour of Rev Ads Network and an insight into my personal account.

280% per month potential – Rev Ads Network

Now I have chatted to many other members in Rev Ads Network and my results seem to be lower than every one else I have spoken to.

Rev Ads Network ReviewMost people are exceeding 10% per day and a couple of people are exceeding 20% per day.

Again other peoples results are directly effected by the number of shares they have purchased, how often they repurchase, how often they withdraw and as well as the daily and hourly profits the site takes.

There is a facebook group where all your questions can be answered and support can be given.

They do and will also discuss marketing and promotional strategies if you want to build your account further.

Message me and I will send you access to the facebook group.


Sign up to Rev Ads Network at and you will get direct access to me and my team for support, ongoing guidance and closed door opportunities.


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