Adzibiz calculator – from 975 to 58k in 210 days

Adzibiz is working out tremendously at present. It continues to profit and grow.

My account is still earning at a rate in excess of 30% per day since 26th June up until 10th July – but I accept that my account is not typical nor average – it is slightly exceptional.

I have chatted to a few others, another guy that started on the 25th June and is averaging just over 18% per day and I have spoken to a few others that have started their accounts in July and they are averaging 8% per day.

Here is an exploration of Adzibiz and how in this demonstration – if you start with 25 listings ( $975 ) you could be withdrawing over $58,000 over a 210 day period.

Adzibiz Calculator – $975 could give a withdrawal potential of $58k


Adzibiz calculator repurchasing ad lisitngsYou can explore this calculator at:

In the video the calculator took the ad listing maturity as being 14.6 days. The calculator has now been adjusted to an ad liting maturity time of 17 days so the figure may differ slightly from the video.


If you want guidance on using and growing an Adzibiz account you can sign up for a free account at:


Adzibiz is a profit share site and there is no guarantee on the time period it takes for maturity of any ad listing purchased. Each ad listing will earn 128% profits if you click 12 ads per day. But because the site is a live profit share site and profits can and will vary from day to day and hour to hour the maturity times will naturally vary.

The video does not take into account any additional earnings made from having referrals or doing Pay To Click additional activities.

If you are interested in learning how to grow these things more and building your account to further levels then you can get additional training and insights within the up and coming 1k a day plus program.




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