About Darren & 1kaday Strategies

The 1kaday Strategies Story

Hi, my name is Darren Wagstaff – I am a father of 5, with kids ranging from 9 – 27. I have been working online for a number of years offering digital services and software solutions to local businesses.

As I have young kids I have aimed to work from home over the past 8 or so years so I can be there for them, take them to their activities, and actively be involved in their lives. My father worked himself into an early grave by the age of 49 and I did not get to “really know him properly” until his last 6 months of life. He had worked really hard from 8am to 10pm most days of the week running his own brick and mortar business. 

Quite soon after his death, I found myself doing very much the same thing, working lots of hours and not spending much time with the family. As a response I decided to do everything possible over the years to readdress the balance trying to make sure my kids don’t have that same experience I had with my father.

Darren and the Kids

This took me from one shiny object to another… from one business opportunity to another… struggling for periods of time… and then getting some tasty wins here and there. Serving local businesses with digital services and helping them grow and get more business through online marketing gave me a more flexible purpose allowing me to be there for my kids and take them to their activities.

The ability to work from a computer or a laptop anywhere and at anytime gave me more opportunity to try out a number of online strategies and use certain softwares to automate those strategies.

I have probably purchased every online course and most software products out there. Some have been good, some diabolical.


Once I found strategies and software tools that made a significant difference I enjoyed sharing what worked with others.

When I stumbled across strategies, tools and processes that could get you to earn 1kaday and more – I was determined to find a way that could make this accessible to the ordinary man or woman. Some took action and started to see good returns but many did not take any action at all.

The excitement of being able to earn 1kaday plus was not an easily transferable skill. The first time I stumbled across a successful 1kaday Strategy (or combination of strategies) it took me 43 days to get to just over $1400 per day in affiliate commissions. This did not last forever due to the business I was promoting came under investigation due to questionable practices and insufficient trading licences.


At this point the 1kaday Strategies was born. I knew from experience (not theory) that this was so doable, but you had to make sure that you did not have all your eggs in one basket and that you need to be working with the right type of businesses, products and services.

Your moral compass needs to lead the way. Being of service to a wider community means that you need to make sure that what you get involved in is going to add real and relevant value to people’s lives.

This website is dedicated to reviewing and sharing strategies, apps, softwares and courses that have the backbones and evidence of being able to move people towards the 1kaday goal. Admittedly not everyone wants or needs to earn 1kaday, 100, 200 or 300 may suffice, so in that vain with each review I will aim to be as transparent as possible about the scope of each product reviewed.

In the background to all this I have been studying, practicing and teaching practical philosophy for over 25 years and have an aim to find more freedom to dedicate more time to being of service to the schools and the communities I am involved with.