Adzibiz – how to earn with PTC – Pay to Click

Adzibiz has now become a leading force online with some great returns in profit sharing. One of Adzibiz‘s additional profit earning streams comes from Pay To Click (PTC).

I have had a few questions about doing pay to click in Adzibiz and how you can earn extra profits from doing it.

So I have done a live demonstration video below.

How to earn with PTC in Adzibiz


If you are not already in Adzibiz and are not already earning then now is a perfect time to jump on board.

When you sign up at you will get a welcome email from myself with my contact details. You are welcome to arrange a chat to explore what can be done with your own Adzibiz account.

A special ‘by invite only’ marketing machine can be made available to help you grow your account too.

Adzibiz pay to click how to earn


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