Ad Hit Profits Review – a powerful advertising platform

Here is a short video by Charles Schoville showing how powerful Ad Hit Profits is for getting traffic for your websites and referral traffic.

Ad Hit Profits is going through a metamorphosis with it’s new Pay Per Click platform.

This transition is being made for the long term profitability of Ad Hit Profits and to also step it way beyond all the competition in the market place.

The new PPC platform is the kind you normally only find in large industry network platforms but with the added benefit that it converts like crazy for many business opportunities, HYIP programs and online profit making programs that you promote using it.

It is true that during this phase Ad Hit Profits profit shares are well below their norm but this is just a transition period ready for another huge spike within the next month as this program takes things to a whole new level.

If you are not already in Adhit Profits – now is a good time to get your feet wet.

You can sign up for free at:


ADZIBIZ – The Site Mentioned in the Video

You can find out more about the program website mentioned in this video at the link below:

In this program Adzibiz my personal account has been averaging 31.7% per day over the first 7 days.




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