Adhitprofits review by bonusplus

Adhitprofits another option that has paid me 12.5 percent per day

Adhitprofits Review – from a $90 start to earning 12.5% per day in 2 weeks


Adhitprofits is a fairly new program that has already paid out in excess of $1.3m to members in just over a month. It can be used to build up a nice chunk of money to put into HourlyRevShare to give it a nice Adhitprofits review by bonusplusbumper start, especially if you have low funds to start with…. and it is also a great stand alone program too.

It guarantees to pay you 125% profit on every $45 directory ad listing that you purchase when you click on 10 ads per day.

This system so far is giving me an average profit of 12.5% per day – with 184% profit in my first 14 days.

If you are not already using Adhitprofits you can sign up and get one on one support by signing up for a free account at:


Here is a rare interview with the owner of Adhitprofits – Charles Schoville

Again if you have any questions feel free to get in touch or even post your questions or comments below.





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