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The Malaysian Investment Company (Malaysian INC) is an online investment program that can turn $5k into $129k in 120 business days.

Malaysian Inc ReviewThey give excellent returns on monies put in with the lowest start point being $5. But one of the biggest plus points with them is that they give instant payouts. No waiting 24 hours, 48 hours, a week, a month or several months – it is instant. Press a button and your withdrawal is paid out instantly. Not many programs have the confidence to offer this facility – and for me this is one of the biggest factors that makes Malaysian Investment Co a market leader, head and shoulders above most of the competition. You can actually withdraw your profits daily if you so choose. Even get your full invested funds back within 39 business days and then build it up at full compounding there after.

It is so flexible, there are limitless possibilities you can do with this program to suit you and your needs.

Here are some stats about Malaysian Inc:

The online version of this program started February 10th 2013, after trading for 5 years as a professional team.

They offer a choice of 4 plans:


You can check out the program for free on the inside by clicking the link below:

With Malaysian they acknowledge that some days trading results are better than others so your percentage returns can vary between the minimum and maximum rates shown under each plan.

For getting a balanced average over the period use the following rates within the calculator at:

Basic (1.56 – 2.06%) use this rate in the calculator: 1.75%

Regular (1.77% – 2.18%) use this rate in the calculator: 1.95%

Premium (2.11% – 2.43%) use this rate in the calculator: 2.25%

Excellent (2.57% – 2.95%) use this rate in the calculator: 2.75%

You can use the calculator below to project what will work for you…

For calculation purposes just un-tick the bank holiday periods.

I personally have 2 plans running and have tested the instant withdrawals and they are as fast and efficient as the withdrawals at Adhits.

I would suggest test Malaysian with a small amount $100 or less – so that you can get used to the system and how it works (which is very simple). Test out the compounding feature, test out the withdrawals, get used to the layout – then when you are comfortable try a larger plan when you are happy and confident.

If you have any questions let me know. I can show you what I have done in my account and how to use the calculators for working out a strategy that suits you and your goals.

You can send me an instant message by clicking here.

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