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Recently I have had many new members of the Bonusplus Team in Ad Hits say how much they are loving the program and now they want to build up their referrals.

So this got me to thinking so – for a select few members that have the right mindset and attitude I will be sending you access in a week or 2 to a full referral getting closed door program.

This will be a by invite only members site that will share with you resources for building your referral base, including video training and the exact system that works for me.


Now in Ad Hits many of you are reporting 10% – 12% profits per day which is excellent.

hourlyrevshare-faqs-hourly-rev-share-questions-supportInside this new training I will also show you how to double this return .

Now this training is not for everyone. It will involve some work.

It will involve downloading a few things and uploading some things. It will involve posting certain things in the set-up process.

It will also involve you being able to respond to an email and send an email.

If this is too much for you then simply accept that and move on.

The program is copyrighted and is only available to Bonusplus Team members that are live in Adhits with the right attitude and vision.


I accept this will not be for everyone and it is not intended to be for everyone. But it will set the foundations down for getting to the stage of withdrawing up to $1k per day in Adhits with their instant withdrawal system.

We are not talking screen balances here but money you are actually withdrawing.

This exact same system will also be available for your referrals to use with an authorised Bonusplus Team licence.

Each licence will sell for $1075 but I will cover the cost of this licence by giving an authorised Bonusplus Team licence free of charge to team members with the right attitude.



If you are a Bonusplus Team member (that is live in Ad Hits) and want to be put on the list for this program send me a message by clicking here.



If you are not in the Bonusplus Team but want to be (so that you too can get access to this system):

Simply signup at this link: and purchase your first 2 directory listings.

Once you are in you will get a notification email with all my contact details for us to get to know each other.

If we make a good match I will coach you in the use of this referral getting system and cover the cost of your licence.







Now all the figures quoted and mentioned are examples of results I have been getting and some of my team members. As Adhits is a 100% profit share site and profits can vary from day to day there can not be exact figures of returns given as a guarantee. You may earn more, you may earn less.

In this referral program a limited number of members will be allowed to use it. Here the results will also vary as some people apply themselves more than others. Most people will vary in attitude from day to day and person to person. No one can predict the attitude or the way a person will apply themselves in any given circumstance. All figures and suggestions shared are results from direct experience and may not be the norm or the average. Statistics show that less than 7% of people actually apply themselves to get maximum results. So if you feel you are one of the 7% this could be perfect for you.


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