Ad Hit Profits keeps paying out 5 times per day instantly

Ad Hit Profits is one of the leading online programs that leaves most of the competition in the dust.

Here is a screenshot of Solid Trust Pay over the past 3 days.

Ad hit profits payouts withdrawals solid trust pay

For the 7th June 2013

$413 withdrawn instantly

For the 8th June 2013

$464 withdrawn instantly

For the 9th June 2013

$554 withdrawn instantly

There’s no need to do one withdrawal per day you can do multiple withdrawals per day.

This AHP system is very very simple to use.


Ad Hit Profits review and signup728×90 Banner

Displayed (1 week) : 6,584,495


Average Pageviews Per Day: 1,337,022


Average Daily Unique Users: 206,318

Amount of verified members: 38,945


Total Cash Out: $3,363,904.85


Total Cash Out Yesterday: $173,019.70 (for just one day)




Total Paid Members: 14,042


It is interesting to see that there are 38,945 verified members that have signed up with Ad Hit Profits.

But only 14,042 action takers are actually cashing in on it as paid members.

So it appears that only 36% of members are action takers and are getting rewarded for doing so by taking a share of the $3.4m withdrawals that have been paid out so far.

But at least the other 64% have made the first step to get registered they are not too far away of taking a cut of the $174k per day withdrawals.

It has been said that uncertainty is caused by a lack of knowledge and hesitation is the product of fear.

I wonder what made the 64% hesitate in making ongoing profit?

Is it because they do not have a clear strategy?

Is it because they are not part of a progressive supportive team?

In the Bonusplus Team we work as a team with full support so that all fear can be dealt with and a lack of knowledge is replaced by a knowledge of what strategies you can use for profit.

So in acknowledgement of our Ad Hot Profits leaders…

Bonusplus Team Leaders Board in Ad Hit Profits

Here is Todays line up…


Ad Hit Profits leaders board Bonusplus TeamHere is a list of the top performers in our team and a big acknowledgement for each one of you guys for not being crippled by hesitation and being real action takers.

You guys continue to inspire:

1. Rodney Guerrier                    80 listings and bumps

2. David Martin                         61 listings and bumps

3. Patricia Blanks                     56 listings and bumps

4. Mark Williams                     54 listings and bumps

5. Marcus Williams                 52 listings and bumps

6. Denichi Jacob                       49 listings and bumps

7. Saurav Barua                         38 listings and bumps

8. Charles Arthur                      36 listings and bumps

9. Scott Wagstaff                      30 listings and bumps

10. Paul Greig                            25 listings and bumps



This is to acknowledge the big heartedness of the Bonusplus Team members that have shared this opportunity with others that they know will love the benefits that Ad Hit Profits will bring them.

Again, it is inspiring to see you guys giving open heartedly.

Ad Hit Profits giving zig Ziglar style1. Lauren Coakley                30 referrals

2. Ray Davis                          4 referrals

3. Jason Lindeman             3 referrals

3. Bibi Omolulu                    3 referrals

3. Ray Davis                          3 referrals

4. Dave Maskell                   2 referrals

5. Mark Williams                1 referral

5. Richard Burgiss              1 referral

5. Tommy Lawrence           1 referral

5. James Loucks                  1 referral

5. Denichi Jacob                 1 referral

Sharing takes courage and is not for everyone, so I take my hat off to you guys for speaking up and sharing what you are doing with others this does not just put you in the top 36% but in the top 7%.


I would also like to acknowledge all the other Bonusplus Team members for jumping onto this Ad Hit Profits revolution. We do not aim to be typical. We do not aim to be average.

The typical usually earns nothing. The average earns not a lot. But in this Bonusplus revolution of earning at a faster rate with Ad Hit Profits you get the reassurance of being in one of the few program that truly gives instant payouts. A combination made for the wisest of the wise.



If you want to find out more about Ad Hit Profits simply check out the post below:


An update is coming soon for the closed members site and training for Bonusplus Team members that are making their mark in Ad Hit Profits.

You will be shown and given resources and additional tools including a complete system for getting to $500 in a day instant withdrawals whilst setting firm foundations for reaching $1k in a day withdrawals in due course.






These figures are from personal experience and from a few team members accounts. None of these figures are typical returns in the program mentioned. A typical return is usually zero, as a typical person does not do what is needed to earn.  None of these figures are average either, as the average person does not take the action needed to earn at higher levels. There are no guarantees as only 7% of people are action takers and will do what is needed. This depends on personal attitude and personal levels of application. No person on the planet can guarantee and predict the attitude of another from day to day (let alone in general). But if you are a go getter and are happy to apply yourself and follow a few steps and strategies you can make profits. Most Bonusplus Team members are not typical and are not average, as those are not the type of people we generally attract. Most Bonusplus Team members take advantage of support, feedback and the sharing of strategies – this in itself puts them in a position of advantage in comparison to the average. It is still down to each member to act upon what they find and discover and apply themselves for better results.


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