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Internet Evolving is a site run by a husband and wife that already run their own online advertising agency for business. They bring quite a unique element to the market place and as they are in prelaunch mode you can signup for free and get yourself ready for a real busy profit burst.

Here is what my sponsor says about IE (Internet Evolving):


Internet-Evolving-prelaunch-reviewThere are now close to 3600 who have joined so far.

This will probably be the last rev share that I join unless there is another similar program to AHP/
ADZIBIZ but I like this one as the admin is determined to make this a success and I know she will
not scam people.

This one has a higher ROI than the other two and 2 levels of ref comm at 12% each level on both
purchases and repurchases of all downline members.

While some might not agree with the higher than usual ROI as compared to the other models, I am
willing to at least consider this one as they are doing things differently in a number of ways.

Kim has said that IE will not copy any program but set it’s own standards for others to follow and
I like the fact that there are quite a few different ideas and concepts that will be applied to
this one.

Moreover, like I said in my intro to this program, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE as right now you
can only sign up for free so you risk nothing by joining and getting more info on what looks to be
a program that is gaining more and more attention and popularity.

Funding and withdrawals will not be a problem as apart from the 3 banks that they are using, they
will make available usual options that we all use as options as well.

For now, you can join for FREE and wait for more instructions/updates as to how we will
proceed here.

Looking forward to having you on board with this one and it is converting pretty easily right now
so good opportunity to pre-build a bit of a downline if you are so inclined.

Join here for free

Here is a bit more in depth information on this:

“We are in pre-launch and IE has a patent pending and is free to join.

Refer others to the site and enjoy the free giveaways that we will have available shortly.
Make referral commissions of 12% Direct Referrals and 12% Second Tier

Internet Evolving launch profit shareAffiliate Fees, plus 12% more on reup-ADS.!
There will be a brand new thing called SLIDER ADS that will generate 50 times more hits and that means 50 times more CASH!

$44 per ad-pack which expires at 200%($88)

Why will be different than other Rev Share programs?
1) Funds protected using Merchant banking systems
2) Owners Kim and David will be providing incentives and prizes continuously and this will always have members interested.
3) Join free and upon buying your first ad pack, you qualify to participate in our 20M email membership drive (all new members are placed with existing membership and not with the admin)

4) Full transparent (all financials will be available in the back office)
5) Your ads are seen external to our platform for more exposure for your business and not just on banner and text ads on the site itself.
6) You will have access to the owners on Skype. They are committed to being around to fully support and make this work.

Here is the breakdown of the revenue:

$44 Ad Package

25% Administration Fee

12% 1st Tier Affiliate Fee

12% 2nd Tier Affiliate Fee

51% in shared pool
Of the 25% Administration fee we have a hard 11% merchant, transaction and bank fees.
The remaining 14% we cover website management and maintenance.

So as you can see the IE Network as a company makes less than a 1st Tier affiliate after expenses. This is how they make their money.
Payments will be accepted with MasterCard / Visa / Discovery / Amex and ACH transfer and withdrawals to the bank of your choice.

The ability to accept card payments is very original in this online world of profit shares. I will be exploring this in due course and if you want to explore the system as it stands for free you are welcome to get free access by clicking below:


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