UTS Profit Ads Updates 5 July 2013

Here is a quick update from UTS regarding elements they are working on in the program:

Here are our latest updates for the UTSProfitAds program.

There is very important information here, so please read.

Payza/EGOPay – We are completing the integration of

EGOPay into UTSProfitAds. Once this has been completed

we will remove Payza as a payment option.

EGOPay only use Payza payments, so this is a suitable

alternative, plus it better secures us against reversed

payments that have so far cost us over $30,000, plus we also
have over $50,000 in frozen funds, plus we have illegal

payment disputes. We will advise when this is completed.

Please sign up for an EGOPay account via this link:


Link Ads – To combat the cheaters who have set up automatic

hourlyrevshare-faqs-hourly-rev-share-questions-supportad clicking iMacros, we will have to add a Captcha form to

each ad that a member will have to complete before they

can be credited for the ad. We will also be looking into the

‘Click For Next Ad’ link on the confirm page, rather than a

member having to go back to the links page to click on an ad.

These 2 actions alone will also free up our slow server, which

is being caused by these iMacros. Even though we have taken

the page offline, these iMacros are still tapped into the pages

so we are also in the process of renaming them.

Login Ads – These will be added just as soon as our coders

have implemented the link ad cheat-proof add-ons.

Slow Site – Our apologies. This is caused by cheating members

who have enabled cheating software, that is constantly

draining our servers. As well as adding the cheat-proof add-ons

we also have our hosting company working on a way to prevent

this from happening and we will advise as soon as we can.

Our Launch – We will have a huge official launch for a brand new

element to our program which may produce as much profits as

we have already seen from our first few weeks of beta. Many

members have contacted us excited about this. All we can tell

you at the moment, is make sure you leave yourself a balance,

as you will not want to miss getting in on this launch as soon as.

Our Future – If it wasn’t for cheaters, thieves and members who

think that our terms do not apply to them, then we would already

have a full 100% program ready to launch.

Regardless, we are still working very hard to get a long-term

sustainable program ready for our official launch on July 30th and

we would ask for your patience whilst we get this  completed.

UTSProfitAds is here to stay and we will only get bigger!

Thank you for everyone’s patience and support over these first

few weeks of launch. We do aim to be the best Profit-Share, PTC

program online and we have lots planned, so watch this space.

To your Success,

UTSProfitAds Admin

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Now the UTS Profit Ads program is slow and not giving a great return as yet. But as you can see from this newsletter update they are still diligently working on improving the program ready for their real launch on 30th July.

If you wanted to be registered in advance ready for the launch you can get full access for free here:

UTS Free Access

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