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Here are some details that may be of interest to you regarding Adzibiz.

It is always a good idea for you to diversify and not to put all your eggs in one basket only. If you’re looking for another new but good and promising passive income program, this is the perfect time for you to take a look at AdziBiz. This program has launched June 22, 2013. So we’re talking about the right momentum.

This is an introduction to a program which is the 1st true and 100% clone of AdHitProfits (AHP).

According to Robert Apina (Admin of AdziBiz), he spent around $8,500 on AdziBiz site design and the development of the program. We can clearly see the results of it; a nice site design and a flawless program. The founder of Adzibiz is Greg Turcanu of Perth, Australia who is multi-lingual and can communicate in Romanian, Czech and other Eastern European languages. So this is great news for making Adzibiz available to a much wider audience. Here is Gregs LinkedIn – LI – and Facebook – FB.

Here are some reasons for considering joining AdziBiz:
  • $39 per ad pack/directory listing and get guaranteed 1,000 link hits (lower than AHP’s $45).
  • Earn 128% ROI per ad pack, capping up a $50 return per ad pack (slightly higher than AHP’s 125% ROI).
  • Earn 10% commissions on all referrals’ purchases and re-purchases.
  • 100% passive income, you are guaranteed to earn even if you don’t have referrals (but if you refer others, you will earn more income).
  • Earn 100% shared revenues and see your cash balance grows every 30 minutes!
  • NEWLY launched. Some members report that in these early days they earn up to 45% daily ROI* (my first ad packs had earned me 25% ROI!)
  • Newly added STP beside the already accepted Payza, EgoPay, PM and OKPay. Since most members use STP, this means that more members are going to join and/or purchase more ad packs, which also means more shared profits and higher daily ROI for all of us!
(*) The ROI figure above is not a fixed one and is not guaranteed to give the same results every day. Daily ROIs depend on how much sales made and how much revenues shared in any given day.
As explained on AdziBiz‘s Start Guide pages, there are TWO WAYS TO MAKE MONEYin this program:

Here is the easiest way to earn money without recruiting and experience: just purchase ad pack(s) that costs $39 each*. You can earn up to $50 (128%). You can purchase unlimited number of campaigns (ad packs).

You will get share in 100% sales revenue from each ad pack and Advertising Campaign that our program sells. You do not need to refer anyone to earn. This is a truly, 100% passive and long term income opportunity.

Illustration of AdziBiz’s Revenue Share Earnings – Click to ENLARGE
(*) There are fees for ad packs purchases made via Payment Processors:

Pay Attention: We are splitting all the profit and distributing shares between members from each adpack and advertising campaign that our program sells. Advertiser needs traffic to their website and we make traffic for them. We have only one condition for member who purchased adpack: they need to click 12 ads daily (to be qualified for revenue shares for the day).
Q: If I don’t click 12 ads before the timer runs out, can I still earn?
A: No, you’ll stop receiving share in revenue until you begin clicking again. As you click 12 ads, you’ll continue to receive your split in profits up to $50.00 (128%) on each adpack you’ve purchased.

Earn fast and huge amounts with referral commission. We pay 10% for every purchase and also re-purchases!

Just Imagine! If you sponsor a big advertiser and they paid for advertising you will get 10% commissions of all their purchases and also re-purchases. All the commissions will be shown at your account balance.

Free member also earn money from referral program. If you stay a free member no worry to start, go to dashboard and get your referral link. You can start to make money with our system.

Illustration of AdziBiz’s Referral Program – Click to ENLARGE

NOTE: If you use Pay it Forward feature, you also get 10% commission when you complete process.



Just like AHP, AdziBiz offers almost all the same features which you can find at AHP. Those features are:

  1. Vacation Mode (when you don’t have time to click daily 12 ads, costs $25 per week)
  2. Auto Re-purchase (when you want the system to automatically purchases ad pack shares for you, $1/ad pack share)
  3. Purchase with account balance
  4. Pay It Forward



  • Minimum amount to withdraw: $20
  • Withdrawal fee: 0%
  • Payment time: within 24 hours
When you finally joined AdziBiz, make sure to do these following things:
  • Complete your profile & security settings on your first login.
  • To start earning, click/visit 12 ads right after purchasing your first ad packs.
  • Don’t forget to click/visit 12 ads every day to keep earning from your ad packs.
  • Don’t forget to setup your listing ads, use your purchased ad packs credits to promote your other programs or your blogs.

You don’t want to wait and let this momentum pass you by. Join AdziBiz now while it’s hot:

Make Unlimited Profits with Adzibiz
  • Information about AdziBiz was obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but I can NOT guarantee its accuracy.
  • Past performance and earnings example of AdziBiz presented on this post is not a guarantee of the same or similar future performance.
  • Do NOT spend more than what you can afford to lose.
  • Be responsible for your own actions if you decide to join AdziBiz.

This is a description I found online and quite a fair representation.

I will be making a few videos and posts to explore the possibilities of Adzibiz and especially as to how you can use it to compliment Adhit Profits. I feel these 2 programs together will make a great base for ongoing profitability.


You can seen what happened in my personal Adzibiz account within the first 7 days here:

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