Adzibiz is still earning on a holiday and a weekend

A major holiday in the USA is July 4th. On July 4th most online opportunities take a dip and even more so when it is followed by a weekend.

Adzibiz has continued to share profits, admittedly lower than the rest of the other days online, but still a good return.

Below is a chart shared by one Adzibiz user showing how his personal account has grown through out:

Adzibiz profits on July 4th

My personal returns were higher than this but I think sharing this users results gives a more balanced view point of the growth of an Adzibiz account.


Please note: that the number of shares you purchase and repurchase directly effects the results you achieve. When you combine this with fluctuating profits every 30 minutes you will get to understand that the results of one user to another can and will vary. Some users will achieve more others may achieve less.

If you have 1 share only you will not experience these levels of results.


Here is a snippet taken from a facebook group when someone asked the question about the results achieved with 1 share:

Adzibiz facebook questionIt is a fair question to ask when so many people have been achieving more than 10% per day.

The answer given highlighted that it helps you to have 5 shares or more. Users with 5 or more shares receive far better returns.

If you want to see what results I have been getting in my personal account you can find out more here:

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