Adzibiz is giving the best returns so far

Adzibiz is going from strength to strength. It is not ‘breating’ the competition but it definitely beating the competition in the daily levels of profit shares at present.


I have tested the withdrawals. They are not instant like Adhit Profits – as my last withdrawal took 8 hours to receive, but this reminds me of the same withdrawal times Adhitprofits was woking with a couple of months ago before they switched to instant.


I currently received an email from someone trying to entice me into Adzibiz (shame I am already winning in it)… and the email went like this:

Adzibiz review 31 percent per day“Make Unlimited Profits with Adzibiz

No Recruiting • No Experience • Easy & Fun!

# Split 100% Profits from advertising sold to all members.
# $39 to start generate cash flow & Earn Max $50.00 (128%) Each Share.
# Guaranteed 1,000 visitors to your website each share purchased.
# Unlimited Purchase, Re-purchase to get more earning and traffic
# Unlimited to add Business directory listing.
# Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Ready and never Expired.
# Get Paid Instantly on Referral program, 10% for EVERY Purchase & re-purchases!
# Free Programs review page & Network Exchange (SEO Supported).
# and more you will get
# Payza, OKPay,EgoPay and Perfect Money Accepted

Simple compensation plan and already proven as it has been around long enough, will pay you 128% of your share value.

You will get share in 100% sales revenue from each Ad pack and Advertising Campaign that adzibiz sells. You do not need to refer anyone to earn. This is a truly, 100% passive and long term income opportunity.”

It is not a bad representation of the business – and a well crafted email – so well done to Gal for sending it. Great work but I would not say it is a 100% passive income opportunity, as you do have to do some work to earn in it – by clicking 12 ads per day.


I must admit I have looked around Adzibiz in a bit more detail since it is giving great returns and the additional features it has are in a word incredible.

Adzibiz statisticsIn Adzibiz as standard, you have the facility to create your own SEO optimised review page on the site – a bit like the Empower Network blogging option.

You get a full spectrum of banner advertising of all sizes (125×125, 468×60, 728×90), picture text ads, login ads, PTC (pay to click) ads, and your standard directory listing. The beauty of this is that the ad credits you purchase for $39 can be used against all and any of these, which is great as you develop your marketing and advertising practices for earning even more money.

In contrast to Adhit Profits your $45 purchase there is just for a directory listing and you have to pay extra for everything else (but don’t get me wrong the advertising there is still worth it as it is powerful, effective and still gets real results).

This edge is one of the reasons Adzibiz is gaining ground and gaining traction in the online advertising world. This is obviously one of the reasons they are going from strength to strength and growing so fast – and paying out high profit share returns every 30 minutes.


If you want to take advantage of the high returns and vast array of advertising options available in Adzibiz you can sign up here for free:

If you want to see how I have been getting over 31% per day on average in my personal account you can find put more here:




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  1. Hey darren, i followed your recommendation with Adzibiz and unfortunately making only 2 – 3 % a day. Do I something wrong??? You are my enroller by the way…

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