Ad Hit Profits Leadersboard changes 23 June 2013

Over the past week there have been some changes in the Bonusplus Team’s leadersboard.

Some members have worked the system and built their accounts by a massive jump so they can get closer to withdrawing $500 per day.

Some others have taken all their seed money out and are now working on building their accounts again.

Each member has their own individual goals and each uses a strategy that is aimed at getting them to where they want to be.

So the changes you will see below will reflect the excellence that is natural to a Bonusplus Team member (many of whom have jumped on board with UTS also to get a doubling of results at a faster pace).

Bonusplus Team Leaders Board in Ad Hit Profits

Here is Todays line up…


Ad Hit Profits leaders board Bonusplus TeamA list of the most inspiring top performers in the Bonusplus Team’s Ad Hit’s profiteers is below. Guys I want to thank you for leading the way and staying focused.

You guys continue to inspire:


1. George Guiste                    140 listings and bumps

2. Michael Obeng                 121 listings and bumps

3. Jason Lindeman             103 listings and bumps


4. Rodney Guerrier                    91 listings and bumps

5. John Lovegrove                    81 listings and bumps

6. Ray Davis                               79 listings and bumps

7. Saurav Barua                        68 listings and bumps

8. Denichi Jacob                       63 listings and bumps

9. David Martin                         61 listings and bumps

10. Marcus Williams               58 listings and bumps

11. Richard Broome                  57 listings and bumps

12. Te Pirihi                                54 listings and bumps

13. David Martin                       52 listings and bumps

14. Mark Williams                    51 listings and bumps

15. Dave Maskell                      50 listings and bumps


16. Scott Wagstaff                      48 listings and bumps

17. Charles Arthur                      40 listings and bumps

18. Campbell Smith                  33 listings and bumps

19. Patricia Blanks                   30 listings and bumps

20. Rashid Pervez                    26 listings and bumps

21. Paul Greig                            25 listings and bumps

22. Aqil Alhusainawi               24 listings and bumps

23. Richard Burgiss                  23 listings and bumps



Having a big heart is an important quality that connects real people with inspiration. This an acknowledgement of the big heartedness of the Bonusplus Team members that have shared this opportunity with others so that more people can enjoy the benefits that Ad Hit Profits brings.

Again, it is inspiring to see you guys giving open heartedly.

Ad Hit Profits giving zig Ziglar style1. Gal Amalog                      42 referrals

2. Lauren Coakley                31 referrals

3. Te Pirihi                             15 referrals

4. Tommy Lawrence           8 referrals

5. Jason Lindeman             5 referrals

6. Ray Davis                          4 referrals

7. Bibi Omolulu                    3 referrals

7. Ray Davis                          3 referrals

8. Dave Maskell                   2 referrals

8. Richard Burgiss              2 referrals

8. Wellington Pereira        2 referrals

Ad hit profits bonusplus team sharing9. Mark Williams                1 referral

9. James Loucks                  1 referral

9. Denichi Jacob                 1 referral

Sharing takes courage and vision which is not for everyone, so with great respect I feel blessed to have you guys touch lives with your actions.


I would also like to acknowledge all the other Bonusplus Team members for jumping onto this Ad Hit Profits maker. We do not aim to be typical. We do not aim to be average. We aim to lead the way by letting our own light shine.



Alexa Ranking: 2271
Average Pageviews Per Day: 1,922,669
Average Daily Unique Users: 240,979
Total paid members: 28,839
Total Cash out: $8,197,444.67

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