UTS Profit Ads – 37% per day profits

8 thoughts on “UTS Profit Ads – 37% per day profits”

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  2. Martin Goulding

    Hi Darren, I have been watching UTS. How’s it been going since you made you video. Have your rebates still been high?



    1. Darren Wagstaff

      The past few days have slowed down Martin. UTS is a profit share and profits vary from day to day, hour to hour. So since the weekend the sales are lower and the returns on average are less too. The same has been seen in other profit shares too. But as UTS is a long term program with something different to bring to the market the profits will undoubtedly come back up again. I experience spikes in Adhits and spikes will undoubtedly happen in UTS too.

        1. Darren Wagstaff

          I’m not questioning what you are saying… I am just referring you to your sponsor so they can check that you are doing everything that you should be doing. That is your sponsors responsibility.

  3. Hey Darren, I started 2 days ago with 20 $ and made only 0,40 $ isince then!?? It is not even 1%! How do you make 37 % a day???

    1. Darren Wagstaff

      Hi Alp… thanks for your question. UTS has slowed down over the past few days but not to the level you have reported. It might be good to touch base with your sponsor to make sure you are doing everything you should be doing.

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