UTS Profit Ads Calculator

UTS Profit Ads is a new program that has already given me incredible returns. Over the coming days there will be a series of ‘How To’ videos for UTS.

UTS Profit Ads ReviewOne thing every one likes to do it calculate the profitability of how the system works.

Now as UTS is a 100% profit share site this is not easy to do, as profits will vary from day to day and from hour to hour.

But there is an online calculator that you can use to give you a taste of what UTS can do for you.

You can try the UTS calculator out by clicking the link below:

UTS Calculator

I currently have built my account up to beyond 180 adpacks over the past 7 days from a cash start of $400. When you use this calculator it can make your eyes water.

I so so love this.

If you want to see a tour of my account in the first few days of starting you can get full access here:




If you are not already in UTS Profit Ads you can sign up here: http://utsinvite.com

When you signup you become a Bonusplus Team member in the program. This gives you access to one on one support in the program and guidance as to how to manage and grow your account at the fastest pace.

Once you have signed up you will get a welcome email with all my contact details and full instructions on what to do next to get started quickly.

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