Do you plan to succeed – what are you cultivating

Our lives are full of seeds that we plant minute after minute, day after day. It’s almost like a mathematical equation that we either become aware of or ignore. Either we plant seeds that are useful in leading us towards the success we dream of… or away from it.

I love this video… always inspiring and uplifting. Take 8 minutes out at least once per week and watch it. See what it does for you.

Blaise Pascal - our thoughtsThe seeds we plant are but thoughts that we entertain into our minds and hearts.

Just like a good gardener will tend to his garden, weed it and plant good seeds each one of us are gardeners to our own minds and hearts.

I would like to thank you for having the inspiration to visit this page.

And thank you for your continued leadership in all that you do.

Each time a man or woman tends to the garden of their mind and heart they tend to the field of not just their own lives but of all those around them.

If you are willing it’s about time I did some cultivating of my own.

So from time to time I will share with you a post that has inspired me and hope that you find the value in it that I have too.

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