Guaranteed 50k in 30 days review

There have been many come and go programs online that have disappointed many. One program that is standing the test of time and is delivering big time is the ‘Guaranteed 50k in 30 days‘ program.

This program is a very very simple program that costs only $50 to get into but has the potential (if you are an action taker) of reaching 50k in 30 – 90 days.

The program says 50k in 30 days but I prefer to think of it as 50k in 30 – 90 days. The day by day videos are very simple and inspiring to follow.

Guaranteed 50k in 30 days review video

As a team member you will not just join the Bonusplus Team you will become a 1kadayplus Team member too where we share with you what you need to get to the 1k a day plus mark.

You can join and qualify as a team member now by visiting and clicking the ‘Get Started‘ button:

Additionally if you want to review the pay plan in 50k in 30 days you can watch that video by clicking here.

There are many characteristics of programs that don’t work and ones that do. The big factors for this 50k in 30 days program are:

1. The owners are visible, transparent and accessible

2. The owners are not hypey, are grounded down to earth and genuinely want every one to be a winner (you will know that when you are qualified and on the inside)

3. The program only costs $50 – so it is accessible for virtually everyone – but please only take on action takers in your team.

4. The program is simple with daily step by step easy to follow guidance.

5. You need no experience before to make this work other than a good positive attitude and a desire to earn 50k.

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