In the Guaranteed 50k in 30 days program there is an incredible pay plan that can and will transform you life if you work it.

There are daily step by step training videos that show you each day what to do for you to get to the 50k and you don’t need any previous experience to get there either.

Guaranteed 50k in 30 days pay plan and matrix video

You can find out more about the 50k in 30 days program by clicking here.

If you want to get full support and step by step team guidance you can see if you qualify by going to:

As a Bonusplus Team member you will become part of the 1kadayplus Team too – where you will share in the strategies for getting you to the 1k a day plus mark too.

Post your comments below to state what kind of action taker you are and what 50k could do for you and your family.

Most of our team of action takers click the facebook like button too.

For me I love this little program – it is simple.

You get step by step simple and easy guidance daily – so you are guaranteed support each step of the way.

It is a low barrier to entry – it only costs $50 and that’s it to get started.

Once you qualify as a team member I will send you my contact details and we can do a fast start strategy planning session to get you started off on the right foot.


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