Ad Hit Profits bumper growth with smiles all round

This is just a quick update and share about Ad Hit Profits.

After doing a review of Ad Hit Profits accounts within the Bonusplus Team and of some other members there is a crazy level of profits going around.


Adhitprofits review by bonusplusJumped from 12% per day to 24% per day

As you may or may not know I started my Ad Hit Profits account with 2 directory listings at $45 each (= $90) and then I bought an additional $45 bump listing from $18 extra in cash and the rest from accumulated initial profits.

I also paid around $4 in fees for originally getting me started. So my total cash into Adhits has been $90 + $18 + $4 = $112

In my first 14 days my personal account was profiting at a rate of 12.5% per day. But since the latest changes it is now averaging out at 24% per day and more.


My original start of $112 is now $2141.08 as of this morning. It is breathtaking.


3 Millionaires are onboard with Adhits

As you probably know Adhits is a 100% profit share advertising site. So it shares it’s profits with members that buy $45 directory listings and click 10 ads per day.

Obviously profits can vary from day to day.

Earlier this week 3 millionaires from a program, that I will not name, flew from the UK to the US to visit Charles Schoville to check him out and his program Adhits.

They were so impressed with his integrity, honesty and business structure that they joined Adhits after doing face to face due diligence.

They are now introducing their massive downlines to Adhits too.

This means the profits the site is taking is skyrocketing.

Meaning that if you are in it you will be experiencing unprecedented profits.


Ad hit profits testimonial and reviewA new member has joined Ad Hit Profits and is loving it

There is a new member that has joined Adhits as a Bonusplus Team member so that they can get get full support throughout.

Marcus has only been in the program for 3 days. He started with 20 listings, $900 worth.

And has made more than $315 profit in his first 3 days. That is 35% profit, and he has only just started.

Now this is just before the spikes of certain strategies kicking-in.

Imagine what you could do with this yourself?


Adhits is not for everyone, because you do have to spend 3 minutes per day to click 10 ads.

But if you have no problems with clicking 10 ads and would be happy with 35% profits in 3 days this program could be for you too.


You can join the Bonusplus Team in Adhits and get support and strategy sharing by joining here:


So thrilled and excited

I am so thrilled for Marcus, my brother Scott and many other team members that took advantage of Adhit Profits and are loving the profits they are receiving now.

I even got an email from one team member, Mark – who received my email regarding my experience of receiving my Ad hit profits withdrawals paid out in under 1hour 17 minutes.

This is part of his email:

Hi Darren
I joined Adhitprofits very recently with you as my sponsor. I really like it. I did a small withdrawal recently and was amazed at how long it took. I am not sure of the exact time but it was certainly less than 15 minutes which is pretty incredible. Having been a part of a considerable number of other opportunities I have never come across one which pays that quickly
…I enjoy receiving your updates and the future looks rosy.
Best Regards Mark

Adhitprofits join and signupSo if you want to join us in the Adhit Profits revolution you can join by clicking here.

You will receive an email from myself giving with all my contact details so we can chat and discuss what it is you want to do.


As Adhit Profits allows you to take part in profit share they are sharing the cash profits that are in the company daily. The profits are distributed every 30 minutes.

Because these funds are liquid cash in the company there is no waiting time needed to withdraw them. For that reason alone this profit share business structure puts Adhit Profits way ahead of most programs out there.

And this obviously was one of the big factors that attracted the 3 millionaires to join with their teams.


I hope you have found this information useful and look forward to sharing more updates soon.


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