Hourly Rev Share update regarding refunds

Now that HRS has closed down there was a suggestion that they were going to send refunds to members. However, this appeared to be a delay tactic as no refunds were ever issued.

The support function of the Hourly Rev Share site had been removed so getting in contact with them is near enough impossible (again another bad sign).

An update had been sent out regarding the suggested refunds here is a copy of the message that they sent out to all of us:

July30-2013 – Update from Anelie..Posted in your back-offce.

(*) Good morning everyone,

First let me thank you all once again for your continued patience as I work through the lists for processing refunds. I want to pay the refunds accurately to everyone who qualifies, and that is taking some time to calculate and organize. Everything must be verified manually which is a long task and not easy to do.

Meanwhile, I am trying my level best to complete the lists as soon as possible. It may be another 5 – 7 days before the lists are finalized. Give me just a little more time please, and then I will announce the start of the refunds and keep you updated on the progress.



Sadly, like most of these MLM and networking setups all these promises just turned into nothing.

On the face of it Hourly Rev Share looked great. I had a few £1,000 in it. But as with many of the same style of programs they are all full of empty promises that eventually does not deliver. I personally feel bad that I got involved with the program and that people I know got heavily involved in the program too. Virtually everyone of use were wiped out and lost every penny.

Some people liken these types of programs as ponzi’s (I’m not sure that is the correct term) but as soon as a large number of people want to withdraw funds the program falls apart. And no other conclusion can be made other than the money was not there for it to work… it kept existing on getting more and more new people into the program to fund the withdrawals being requested.

It’s a real tough lesson to learn, and financially painful. The conclusion I have come to is to never get involved with any form of RevShare program, MLM program or HYP program again. The promises of big or just even good returns is so tempting and the people you talk to really do believe in it through and through. On my journey exploring these programs I have found the same small group of ‘top earners’ that are promoting them time and again. The common denominator is that every program these serial top earners are in eventually all fade away into the dust and the people they introduce into the programs lose out long term.

Even 5 years on, the same people that were promoting Hourly Rev Share are still promoting other forms of MLM and similar programs – so it appears they are not accepting the blazingly obvious pattern that these program hurt people, more particularly the average person that gets involved. Ethically I can’t understand why they won’t get off the ferris wheel of collapse of programs time and again.

The ‘top earners’ seem to get in early and have cultivated a large following that they get to join them time and again, which must be the influx of profit they initially get, whilst they constantly reassure people while things slow down and just move on to something else just before the final collapse. The patterns are so so obvious (now after watching them over the years).

For me I no longer get involved in any of these. I won’t even enter into a conversation with anyone mentioning any form of MLM. I do still work in the online world but only in the context of delivering real services that deliver real measurable results time and again (not whims of empty promises and the excitement of skype groups full of evangelical BS and no openness to being questioned). Whenever I come across a group that is too evangelical and have no room for cold hard questioning then I head for the door. Positive thinking is always good and a great remedy to life’s ills, but only just as long as it does not make you delusional and blind to the facts (you know – the ones you do not want to accept).

Every one of these endeavours needs to be approached life a business opportunity and assessed as such. If there is just evangelical proclamations, not backed by historic and measurable evidence then it is no longer a business opportunity. Business involves risk, measured risk. And due diligence is what you need to bring to the table – do not blindly take the words of an over enthusiastic evangelist. Every business owner I know is calm, is clear, stressed a proportion of the time but actually know what they can deliver, what they can not and who they do and do not want to do business with. Not at anytime is being an evangelist part of the equation.

I am sorry if you got involved in Hourly Rev Share or anything similar – but please be careful from now on and learn from these mistakes and take more education decisions from now on.

Ad Hit Profits – there is a change in active share count

I have had a few questions regarding the reopening of the Ad Hit Profits site and the current share count being different to before it closed down.

A couple of team members have phoned me and as I explained that the nett profit share that they are due is the same even though the active share count number is different I thought I would do a quick video to explain what has happened and how you can check it for yourself.

If you have any questions then simply post your questions below at the bottom of this page.





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imarkets live become a leaderI’ve been using my own independent $50,000 demo account as well as using the signal inside a real Forex trading account with my own cash in it.

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I have been asked questions as to what brokerage platform I am personally using and I chose to use the MT4 platform from FXCM. Simple, easy and incredible support.


I can see quite simply how 2 minutes a day can be turned into a full time income.

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FRIENDS and RELATIVES – your own leadership skills

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Within the past 2 weeks thousands have been earned and a party in Las Vegas is on the cards.

Becoming a fairly passive trader, an educator and being involved with a world class educator and enjoying a new level of lifestyle freedom is something that I must say I am relishing.

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Malaysian INC is number one online

Malaysian INC has now been voted number one online by the MNO monitor site.

As you may or may not know from my review here that I have tested Malaysian with $25 and then put in $1150 as a stepping stone towards their $5k top plan.

I have tested their withdrawals and they are instant, well nearly as the last one took a whole 55 seconds to come through. By the next 39 days my Malaysian deposits will have grown from less than $1200 to near enough $5,000 – not bad for set it and forget it.

You can find out more about my approach by clicking here.

MNO Voted Malaysian INC number 1

Here is what MNO reported today:


The top spot on MNO’s Premium List – MalaysianINC.

Malaysian Inc ReviewUnlike many other programs that failed after the Liberty Reserve demise, the admin of MalaysianINC just keeps working and paying almost instantly every time to PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, and EgoPay.

The LibertyReserve balances are also available to be exchanged internally with some fees which was a nice surprise for investors who would otherwise have lost the total amount.

Deservedly after paying for about six months already MalaysianINC has achieved almost universal recognition from investors and is currently undoubtedly the one that people are talking about.

The admin keeps promoting his program well on many forums and monitors and recently he extended both banner positions on MNO for another month each which, I believe, is a very good indicator of his intentions to continue.

In a nutshell, by investing at least $10 in MalaysianINC you earn variable interest on every business day and get the initial investment back (also instantly!) on expiry of the investment term. Plans include 1.59%-2.00% for 15 business days, 1.76%-2.16% for 30 business days, 2.10%-2.40% for 60 business days, 2.58%-2.90% for 120 business days.

As you can see Malaysian INC caters to all tastes while providing almost instant payouts which, I believe, is the secret of their continued success which will hopefully stay for many more months to come. Good luck if you have an investment with Malaysian INC, guys, and congratulations to the admin on reaching the well deserved #1 position on MNO monitor.

Malaysian Inc is an online investment site that offers plans which allows people to share in the daily profits form Forex trading.



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