Ad Hit Profits is back up

Ad Hit Profits has been so successful online that it has been the victim of an ongoing attack to try and bring it down for months.

Many of us will have noticed that since the end of June the profit shares have slowed down due to an online smear campaign that effected the sites sales volume but even in the wake of this the effectiveness of the sites advertising has been second to none.

Following this the site has been hacked on at least 2 occasions and has been off-line whilst all security measures have been stepped up and increased.

But today the site is now back online and ready to rock and roll. If you are already a member you may notice a few differences in the number of active shares but over all your available profits are still the same.

Here is Charles Schovilles explanation of what has happened and how it has been addressed…

If you ave any questions about your Ad Hit Profits account simply post your questions below.

If you do not already have an Ad Hit Profits account and want to take advantage of it’s powerful advertising properties you can sign up for a free account here:

Free Ad Hit Profits Account



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