As you may already know in HourlyRevShare you can make and manage text ads. Purchasing adpacks in HourlyRevShare automatically gives you ad credits to use for text ads and banner ads.

You can manage and advertise your own text ads and banner ads for generating additional traffic for up to 5 websites of your own choice.

These websites can be related to your own business or can be for other businesses that you support. Using referral and affiliate links here can benefit you if people signup at the destination site you link to.

Below is a video to help you make and create text ads.

How to make a text ad on HourlyRevShare

You can also review our other video on making banner ads by visiting this page:


If you have any problems feel free to ask further questions on our contact page by clicking here.

Alternatively you are welcome to message me on skype by using the skype link in the right hand side bar of this page.

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