Here is a renewed version of the Terms and Conditions as shown on the Hourly Rev Share site (as at 4 June 2013)

Terms & Conditions

HourlyRevShare® and its associated domain names and are the property of the company. HourlyRevShare® is a purveyor of internet-based advertising real estate. Membership in HourlyRevShare® constitutes a private arrangement between HourlyRevShare® and its subscribers. In no way should HourlyRevShare® be represented as an investment opportunity or seller of securities, stocks, bonds or other financial instruments. Any use of these terms in conjunction with the HourlyRevShare® brand and trademark is considered to be misrepresentation and may result in the loss of membership and any funds generated.

1. This program is a private business transaction, exempt from the U.S. Securities Act of 1933 and all amendments, The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and Regulations, The Investment Company Act of 1940 and the Rules & Regulations thereof.

We are not registered with any recognized body as financial advisers or dealers in securities per The Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

You acknowledge and agree, under penalty of perjury, that you have not relied on any of these Acts or ANY OTHER related regulations from any other jurisdictions. You acknowledge that you are acting as an individual and not on behalf of any other entity or any authority. We are not a licensed bank or security and we do not offer securities.

2. Visitors to this site must understand that most of what they receive here will be of a private nature and not available to the general public, and is therefore exempt from the Securities Act of 1933 and all amendments.

3. Under no circumstances should anything found on this site be considered or construed as an offer to sell securities or a solicitation to invest in HourlyRevShare®, in any jurisdiction in which such offer or solicitation is not lawful, or to anyone to whom it is unlawful to make such an offer or solicitation. HouryRevShare® does not deal in financial instruments, we sell advertising.

4. The distribution of material / information that comes to your attention on this site may be restricted by law in certain jurisdictions. Members of this site are required to inform themselves about and observe any such restrictions.

5. Any purchase you make from HourlyRevShare® is completely at your own risk. You agree to only spend money that you can afford to lose. Past performance is no guarantee of the same future performance. You agree to hold all owners, managers, moderators and general members of HourlyRevShare® harmless of any liability for any losses that you may incur.

6. You declare that you are not in any official capacity relative to your involvement in ventures with HourlyRevShare®, a member, agent, informant, or employee of any kind of investigative, law enforcement, media, news, postal service or other government agencies within any country.

7. You declare that you are not a resident of Panama.

8. You agree, acknowledge, and accept that all information you receive is unsolicited, private communications of privileged, proprietary, and confidential information for you only and you agree to keep it private, confidential, and protected from any disclosure unless the information is obviously of a public nature. Violation of this or any other rule will result in you being removed permanently from the program without refund or further payment.

9. Absolutely no spamming or plagiarism of information about HourlyRevShare®, our branded images, trademarks or our website is allowed. Violation of this or any other rule will result in you being removed permanently from the program without refund or further payment.

10. You agree and acknowledge to receive email advertisements from clients of the site as part of the income sources of the program.

11. By purchasing an Ad Pack in HourlyRevShare®, you agree, acknowledge and accept this disclaimer and rules and agreements. All purchases are final and no refunds can be given under any circumstances. By purchasing an Ad Pack in this program, you agree to hold the administrators and all general members of HourlyRevShare harmless of any losses you may incur. There shall be no refund even on upon request.

12. Any member found to be defaming the character of, slandering, abusing or threatening the welfare of the Admin, staff or any other member of HourlyRevShare® will have their HourlyRevShare membership suspended, may be removed and permanently banned from the program at the discretion of the Admin, forfeiting their account and any unrealised returns. This includes any instance of such verbiage published or uttered in any public or private environment, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media sites, skype, blogs or other websites, online forums and membership sites.

The Admin may choose to offer a refund of any out of pocket spend less any amounts successfully withdrawn. Should past successful withdrawals exceed the total out of pocket spend, a refund will not be applicable.

If you do not agree with the above disclaimer, please do not proceed to access the website or participate in any activity therein.

Also here are their latest FAQs

Q 1 Frequently Asked Questions
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Question:  Frequently Asked Questions
What is HourlyRevShare all about?
Share™ is an internet advertising program. We offer our members the opportunity to advertise their referral or affiliate banners and text ads. Any member who makes a qualifying purchase of one of our Advertising Plans is entitled to rebates under the rules of our Profit Sharing program.

How do I join your program?

Please ask your Sponsor for their sign-up link, click the “Join Us Now” button, fill in the registration form and then click “Join Now”. After registering, please check your email for your account login info and the verification link that you need to click. Make sure that you are using a valid email address to receive the verification email.


In this instance, please send a ticket to HELPDESK with your username, and that of your proper sponsor, so that we can connect you with eachother.Please note that if you make a purchase before ascertaining that your sponsor details are correct, we are unable to reallocate referral commissions to your upline. There are NO exceptions to this. 

Can I Change My Sponsor?
Please Contact us and we will consider changing your Sponsor upon request.This will be done entirely at the discretion of the Admin. It is not possible to reallocate referral commissions paid to an incorrect Sponsor to the new Sponsor. Please ensure your Sponsor’s USERNAME is correctly displayed at the bottom of the Registration Form, before you complete the registration process. If you are unsure, please check with your Sponsor for their correct link and username.

How does your earning plan work?
For every Ad Pack you purchase, you will receive rebates for up to 30 days, before it expires. Whenever you make a withdrawal request from your Rebates Balance, 30% of your withdrawal total goes into your Credits Bank, which you can use to buy more Ad Packs and keep your ads constantly running. This balance cannot be withdrawn.

The remaining 70% (less a 3% withdrawal fee) is sent to your external payment processor account. Our 30% repurchase policy is to ensure the long-term sustainability of this program. For example, when you withdraw $100, $30 will automatically go to your Credits Bank and $70 is available for withdrawal. All withdrawals from your Rebates Balance currently attract a 3% withdrawal fee, which is subject to change at the Admin’s discretion.

We have 3 different plans; rebates are credited to your Rebates Balance approx. every hour, according to the plan you purchased.

Is there a minimum amount I must receive before I can withdraw?
Yes, the minimum amount you can withdraw from either your Rebates Balance or your Commissions Balance  is set at $50. Funds in your Credits Bank may not be withdrawn, but may be used to purchase more Ad Packs.

How long does it take for my purchase to be added to my account?
After you make your purchase, your account should be updated immediately. If your account is not updated, please use the Report Missing Ad Packs link that is at the bottom of the Members Information panel in your Back Office.

What payment methods are accepted?
All transactions are handled via SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money and Egopay. You can open a free online payment processor account at the above payment processors here :

Is there a Membership Fee to join HourlyRevShare ?
There is absolutely no fee but for you to participate in our ProfitSharing program, you must make a purchase of at least one of our 3 levels of Profit Plans. See details below:

Hourly Basic Plan – Minimum Ad Packs Purchase is $5 – Maximum is $299 per transaction

Hourly Premium Plan – Minimum Ad Packs Purchase is $300 – Maximum is $999 per transaction

Hourly VIP Plan – Minimum Ad Packs Purchase $1000 – Maximum is $10,000 per transaction

How much is an Ad Pack?
An Ad Pack costs $1, with a minimum qualifying spend of $5.

Can I purchase Ad Pack(s) with one payment processor and withdraw from another?
No. Let’s say, for example, you purchase using SolidTrustPay, then you will receive your Rebates and also withdraw to the same account. This is an important anti-fraud and anti-money laundering policy. Please ensure that you have accounts with all of our accepted Pay Processors.

How does one withdraw their daily rebates to a Payment Processor?
You need to login to your account to request a withdrawal. Click on the Withdraw Earnings button in your Dashboard and enter how much you wish to withdraw. Select the Payment Processor wallet you are withdrawing from and click Submit. On the next page, enter your desired withdrawal amount, and note the nett figure to be sent and the withdrawal payable on your amount. 

After your request, the payment to your payment processor will be done within 5 – 7 business days. 

Remember to account for the 30% repurchasing obligation if you are withdrawing from Rebates.

Can I do a direct purchase from my Rebate Balance?
Yes, you may use your Rebates Balance to purchase additional Ad Packs. You can also use your Commissions and Repurchase balances to purchase additional Ad Packs.

Are there any fees when purchasing Ad Pack unit(s)?
No, there are no fees for any of the payment processors.

Are there any withdrawal fees?
Yes, there is a 3% withdrawal fee on all withdrawals. The payment processor may charge you a small percentage also for receiving your incoming funds. In the event that we are unable to process your withdrawal, your funds will be returned to the Rebates wallet for the pay processor you requested it from, including the withdrawal fee. 

Is there a minimum withdrawal amount?
Yes, the minimum withdrawal amount for all payment processors is $50.

Do you offer referral commissions?
Yes. All upgraded members qualify to receive commissions on their downline’s purchases. It varies, according to which plan they purchase, and on the method of purchasing.

For Hourly Basic Plans purchased directly via an external payment processor account, you are paid a 6% commission on your direct referrals’ Ad Pack purchases,  3% on 2nd level referrals’ Ad Pack purchases, while 3rd level purchases pay 1%.

For Hourly Premium Plans purchased directly, you are paid a 7%  commission on your direct referrals’ Ad Pack purchases,  4% on 2nd level referrals’ Ad Pack purchases, while 3rd level purchases pay 2%.

For Hourly VIP Plans purchased directly, you are paid a 8% commission on your direct referrals’ Ad Pack purchases,  5% on 2nd level referrals’ Ad Pack purchases, while 3rd level purchases pay 3%.

On commissions payable on Ad Packs purchased with your Rebates Balance or your Repurchase Balance, the upline will receive 50% of the above percentages, and the Admin reserves the right to amend these rates without notice at their discretion.

Can I open several accounts in this program?
No. One account per member. Any member found to be operating more than one account for themselves for the purpose of stacking commissions will have all affected accounts frozen and may only have 1 reinstated at the sole discretion of the Admin.

Can two or more people in the same household join this program?
Yes, but each subsequent household member must join as a first level referral to the original member in the household. Stacking is not permitted. Prior approval must be obtained from the Director of Member Services and it is necessary to whitelist your IP before signing up household members. Submit a request for whitelisting here: 

How do I add a banner or text ad in your site?
After logging in to your account, click on the “Manage Banners / Text Ads” button in the right navigation menu of your Back Office. Click on “Add Site”; a new page will open where you can add your site by entering the Site Name and Site URL and Banner URL. After it has been added and verified, you may allocate credits to it and it will be added to our rotation. The number of credits assigned is the number of views your banner or text ad will receive.

Can the Admin change rules of the program?
Yes, the Admin can. It is in the Admin’s and the members’ interest that this program runs for a very long time, so changes have to be made every once in a while to keep up with the times. It could be as simple as changing and adding to these FAQs or it could be major amendment, such as changing the rates of the program. But make no mistake; it is done to make the program better for all.

What is your take with spamming?
We are very strict with spamming. If we receive a report that one of our members is spamming, we will conduct a thorough investigation and if found guilty, we are going to freeze the member’s account together with the entire funds.

Is there a refund policy?
Sorry, all transactions are final and there are no refunds whatsoever. All deposits/advertising fees are final. When you signed-up in the program, you agreed to this policy.

In the event that there are account issues or problems, who do I contact?
Please check out our forum thread at MMG, Facebook Page and Skype Support rooms first as there might be a maintenance going on. If there is none and your issue is isolated, then please contact us at

How long do you think this program will last?
We cannot predict that but obviously, members’ support and participation is the key for any program to last.

I am still confused about the program.  Is  there any training or tutorial available?
Yes Please visit : . This is our New Member Training site, full of video tutorials and important information. We have included a Google Translate plugin, so you can enjoy the training in your own language.

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