As I have mentioned a few times now – online HYIP programs all are bound to failure. Most RevShare programs are not built to last.

As a recent example Adzibiz has now disappeared from being online. It is a shame – the program had lots of potential in the past but like almost all RevShare programs it has not just slowed down but it has disappeared. [Check out the video at the end of this page]

Did I lose money in Adzibiz – like many that have played the fateful ‘RevShare game’ we all end up losing eventually. And if you were in Adzibiz I am sorry to bring the news that it has now gone for good.

The only RevShare program that still holds it’s own is AdhitProfits – and that is in the context of what it is built for – as a great advertising platform – rather than a profit share in revenues.

Patterns of success

Persist iMarketsLive updatesThere is a pattern to success and a pattern to less than successful ventures (that some may call failure).

For me I feel blessed to have been involved in a few HYIP programs and then some RevShare programs.


Well because it has shown me the pattern of what does not work online – and highlights strongly what does.

For that knowledge and experience I truly do feel truly blessed.

With that knowledge I have found a couple of real businesses built for the long term – for years to come.

The most transformational being iMarketsLive:

  • The only business that has everything you need for it to be here for years to come.
  • The only business with the potential of growing residual income month after month.
  • The only business that gives you everything you need to create a new profession that will create you wealth for the rest of your life.
  • The skills it teaches you will go far beyond any program, business or career.

You can find out more about iMarketsLive by watching a webinar by clicking here.


There are a couple of other programs that are also structured for the long term and I will be willing to discuss those if you want to get in touch.

Whatever you see as a failure in truth is just a stepping stone leading towards your inevitable success.

The stepping stones that have got you to this page are each and everyone of them stepping stones towards a new future.

But only if you are willing to see it as such and take action. It is always a moment of decision that gets us to turn one way or another.

Today, right now is no exception.


To get a handle on this – here is an inspiring and incredible video from Art Williams that really gives you a plan to get all this in order for you.

If you really want to get from where you are now to the place you and your family deserve to be this video will let you know exactly what is needed.


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