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  1. Hi Shawn… an understandable question if you have been involved with Adhitsrev or others that did not last. I think Adhitsrev lasted only a couple of weeks.
    I like you have made mistakes in the past, got involved with HYIPs and badly structured revshare programs.

    One thing about this is that I have made efforts to never repeat the same mistakes and learn from them. The thing with HYIPs and many Revshares is that they are not built to last. No one has ever heard of the owners before, they have no track record, they are unknown and possibly they may be using a false name or identity in the knowledge that they know the program is not going to last.

    In comparison the owenr of MyAdvertisingPays is already widely known and has been met in person by some team members in the vetting and due diligence process (no hiding there). Mike Deese the owner has been involved in some of the biggest online programs and learned a hell of a lot from them – turning his years of direct experience of what works and what does not into the creation of MAP. Making sure as a real business it covers every base where all other programs have sadly fell short.

    The MAP progream has been running since December 2013… and is currently paying some very active members upto $3k per day. Now these are not average or typical members as they are true action takers but it shows the scope of where this program is taking people.

    You can do this program online and you can earn happily with it online. But unlike all the other programs you can actually attend physical public presentations in hotels in certain local venues. Even Mike himself is doing a tour of these venues to be physically present, transparent and personally be accessible. No other online advertising program out there has anything like this or has an owner so committed to his brand and business in the same way.

    For me this truly is a breath of fresh air. No hiding behind a computer screen. This is a real business – offering an opportunity for action takers to earn money online like never before.

    Now if you are happy to click 10 ads a day and buy credit packs then this is for you to earn. Is it a similar model to other programs? I guess it is in relation to clicking ads – but I think that is where the similarities cease. MAP, in my opinion, brings far more to the table than that.

    If you want to ask more question Shawn let me know. Skype me or email me – whatever is comfortable for you. If I can help I will.

    Best wishes

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