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In Ad Hit Profits the sales have taken a nose dive and slowed down recently. But there is a way forward that can help.

This is an email from a forward thinking member:

Dear All, 
I know this means a little more work, than 5 mins of clicking 10 ads…but if we all help and do our bit to promote AHP’s powerful ad services that are really working well for many, then I truly believe AHP earnings can explode and so will ours! Its worth investing an extra 10-15 mins a day doing this.
FB doesn’t like AHP links, so please use either or  (both free) to cloak/disguise your AHP link.
Here is a brief ad you can post/share on FB, You Tube, Linked In 
For any internet marketers/MLM/Network marketing people – Here’s a great site ((insert you link here))  that drives very quick, serious and targeted traffic to any money making opportunities websites (as little as 0.25 cents)! It’s beaten Facebook and google for traffic as shown on this video as proof: It’s got a record for getting 98% unique visitors, and delivers the 2nd most effective PPC campaigns according to this source: Great leads and conversions and how to get more referrals/customers on this video: . Worth signing up for this great offer ((insert your link here)).
If you want a shorter ad for you tube or twitter: 
Quick, high converting leads to your money making websites.Click  (post your affiliate link). Worked very well.Only 0.25 cents PPC.
There are a lot of places you can post either of the above Ads in various places.
1. – Click on advertising services, scroll down to look for the FREE sites where you can advertise. You will need to create free accounts to post the ads of course.
2. Do a google search to find the names of:
MLM/Network Marketing companies/HYIP programmes/Internet marketing programmes/courses, App courses, Forex Trading/Spread betting Courses/Affiliate Marketing/ How to make money online courses with Click Bank products.
Create a list of the above.
Then create a search for all these list names on the FaceBook search box to see if their Fan Page/Group exists on FB, which most of them should, if not all.
When you find their FB fan pages and/or the founder’s Fan Page  of these companies/courses on Facebook, Like these pages and post the ad there. Obviously don’t post every single day on the same FB fan page as you will just get thrown out… 
When you do this you will see that  Facebook will start exposing you to lots more relevant ads for MLM/internet marketing/make money from home/HYIP on these ads…and again find their FB page and like them and also find them on you tube. And again post the ads on FB and You Tube.
For you tube, you will need to open a you tube account (as easy as opening up an FB account).
Click on  the tube videos that appear for the above suggested relevant words/companies/founders of these companies/courses that you search for.
Underneath the video, post the advertisement in the comment box,(where it says: sign in now to post a comment). 
Examples of MLM companies: are like Ripple, Herba Life, Nu Skin..and thousands  more. Google the top 100 MLM companies to pull a list.
Remember the money making business from home is a BILLION $$ there are loads of opportunities to find and post AHP’s great advertising services to help them built a list/referrals/teams.
Look on the AHP site itself to see the catalogue of companies/opportunites advertising their money making opps…best to avoid the ones that are in direct competition with AHP as posting an ad for AHP on the competition’s FB fan pages/you tube videos will just get you/your post removed.
In addition to Posting/commenting under the youtube videos for any of the above sectors, you will see the picture of the person who posted the video and a name.
Click on the name or the subscribe button and send them a message personally :
“Dear Tom, I really enjoyed watching your video. Im pleased you’re having a lot of success online. I just wanted to share a great site ((insert your link here)) to drive very quick, serious and targeted visitors/traffic to any of your money making opportunities/niche (costing as little as 0.25 cents)! It’s beaten Facebook and google for traffic as shown on this video as proof: It’s got an amazing record for getting 98% unique visitors, and delivers the 2nd most effective PPC campaigns according to this source Great leads and conversions.Worth signing up for this here ((insert your link here))”
or use the shorter ad instead…  
“Quick, high converting leads for money making opportunities.Click  (post your affiliate link). Worked very well.Only 0.25 cents PPC. (best to post this on comment box for a lot of people to see)”
Also do a search for key words on FB, you tube, Linked In like ‘working from home” , “make money online”, “money making opportunities” , ‘Earn money online” “income opportunities” ‘work from home”, “passive income “, “how to make money online”, “make extra income”. Again Like the pages of the programmes/companies that you find related to these key words on FB… and/OR Like the founders’ pages of companies that you find, related to these key words on FB. Post the ad on these FB fan pages. 
Also post the ads underneath the you tube videos that you find related to these key words that you searched for. (examples of top internet marketers are Russell Brunson, Chris Farrell, Mark Anastasi, Frank Kern, Robert Holland (the list is endless). Search for these  same words/marketers on you tube/Linked In and post the ads there too.
Search all of the above relevant groups/key words on twitter and start collecting friends from these relevant groups. Twitter only allows 140 characters…so post something as short as : Quick, high converting leads for money making opportunities.Click  (post your affiliate link). Only 0.25 cents PPC
Search for words like “Pay Per Click” on you tube videos. Under each video, post/comment the short twitter tweet message or even the ad.
Join Groups on FB and Linked in, which are  relevant to the money making theme and share and post there. To find these groups, type the key words in the FB search box, “make money online”, “money making opportunities” , ‘Earn money online” “income opportunities” ‘work from home”, “passive income “, “how to make money online”. A whole list will come up and join them. Also join Entrepreneur clubs/groups on Facebook where you can share the ad.
Again search for these words on you tube and post the ads below the videos you select, or contact the person who created the video and copy and paste to them the benefits of advertising on AHP.
If you are good at making videos and are an expert in getting noticed on you tube, make a short video to quickly explain the benefits of advertising on AHP. I have asked one of my referrals, who told me he is an expert with you tube, who gets his videos to rank highly to do if you know anyone  who can do this..that would be great.
Contact people personally you know…either by email, FB or Linked In, who you know are into MLM/Internet Marketing/Online stuff, Making Passive Income. Share the amazing advertising services that AHP offers that can help them grow their downline/team if they;re struggling growing their teams or just want to build even more.
If you see posts from network marketers on your FB , which you will after you’ve liked their pages..comment and share the Ad. Perfect examples, which I’ve seen on my FB home page from one marketer’s post :”
tired of Network Marketing and Ready to Make Some Money???
If you’re like me, chasing friends and family and cold calling people who never call you back gets old. REALLY Old!!!
Not many people actually enjoy MLM prospecting and it takes 5 – 10 years to succeed even if you’re persistent. And you will probably spend thousands of you hard earned dollars trying.
If you’re fed up with all the bullsh*t and ready to make a residual/leveraged income without having to call anyone click the following link right now:”
There are thousands of products on “how to make money” from different niches or Commission Junction.Create an account for clickbank /commission Junction first or There are plenty of you tube videos on how to get started with click bank/commission junction and how to search for these products. This is perfect for people who don’t have a website to sell from nor have a list. Through AHP’s traffic, the list is already there for targeted /potential prospects. If you sell the products you earn 50-70% commission from the seller. So you can create a PPC campaign to promote  on AHP for such items.
watch this video on how to create a PPC banner campaign it allows you to create the banner for FREE 🙂
or try …and you can just pay someone $5 to do it..choose the person with the best a search on banner creation on this site and a list of banner designers will come up

The above plan was shared by Sonia Shah, quite a well thought out plan and a lot to learn from in certain approaches.

If you have any additional questions please post them in the comments section below.

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