100k Blueprint Masters Edition Review and 1kaday Bonuses

Dan Desilva has put together a complete strategy with a Free Book, a Free Mindmap and a Free 6 Figure Masterplan that outlines a complete system that is generating him and his students more than 6 figures per month.

Now this is a chunk more than the 1kaday goal and will assuredly require time, effort and a willingness to take action to get to those types of income goals. But he has said this all can be done with one product only.

You can get the Free Book now here.

Here is what you get today when you join 100K blueprint

  • 1 – 12 Week Proven System – Step By Step, Hand Holding(Valued at $1,997)
  • 2 – Community of High Performance Coaches(Valued at $1,997)
  • 3 – World Class Support System In Your Members Area(Valued at $1,997)
  • BONUS:Untouchable Ads Vault: (Value: $1,997)
  • ​BONUS: Profit Machine: (Value: $2,995)
  • BONUS: Dropshipping Power Hour: (Value: $979)
  • BONUS: Mentorship Private Access: (Value: $1,997 / Year)
  • BONUS: Ads Mastery: (Value: $497)
  • BONUS: Email Jedi: (Value: $297)

$1,000 Instant Discount Option


Hand Holding For 12 FULL Weeks


Get All Of Your Questions Asked


Access to the VIP members area

Building Your Own Drop Shipping Empire is Incredibly Easy..

Just think about it, so many people are making thousands… heck even MILLIONS with it, so it can’t be that hard, can it?

The answer is not a simple yes or no.

Let me explain.

Think about this: before Amazon, everyone had to get their products from a big retail chain store like Walmart.

But now, we are at the mercy of online retailers!

So much so, that 50% of products sold by Amazon are actually from 3rd party sellers. Most of those products are in the supplier’s warehouse. Do you get it?

Amazon THEMSELVES don’t even touch certain products, they DROP SHIP from other vendors too!

However, we are lucky that we do not NEED Amazon. We can build and operate our own website now using a platform like Shopify.

Years ago we could never do this and that means one thing.You’re In The PRIME “Gold Rush” Era Of Drop Shipping And You Would Be A Fool To Do It Wrong

The PRIME “Gold Rush” Era Of Drop Shipping

You know who did it all wrong when he first got started?

Yours truly.

In fact the first time I tried I was already thousand dollars in debt. I sunk my self even deeper then already was.

tried it all and failed. Heck I even tried SCO, YouTube, article writing, everything! I got so frustrated I stopped drop shipping. I struggled finding what I was good at.

Let me tell you, a high school dropout with no degree – I had nowhere else to go.

I decided to circle back to drop shipping, even though my first go around was an utter failure.

But I do know this:

Others were making money hand over first and I KNEW I could too!

The 4 Step Formula That Can Have A Complete Beginner Up & Running With Their Own eCommerce Business In A Few Days

I’ll be teaching you how to build and scale a real drop shipping business following this 4 step formula.

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