HRS Skype chat rooms

For HourlyRevShare users and members there are a series of skype chat rooms – where you can ask questions, draw inspiration, latest news and find out how others are leveraging the system. To get added to a chatroom connect with Darren with a chat request below:   Here is one skype chat room: skype:?chat&blob=nxwZfwCqZb_uwRaxfu2o5QrUp_m9UYdTzSMs8yQvYArZ68WAp-nS0GSODk3R22Fu3p7Aug3RXZCJpK0qgZyNc1IvM3PeXOVZgXcLtrsx7Bm8KR1zbfbJuePyGOrTqIVBS1yZZPHWHXc-nYq197x9Gcv1ltJ6TgzgH6cRFq9bon5vqYhpSB4r0PgcgpIj_zMHsvden2cW4NcxegddnN5jtJwn5LBR7y1b

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