Solid Trust Pay – having a day off next Monday

This is an update regarding Solid Trust Pay and the corporate approach they take for their operation and staff privileges and rights:


Solid Trust Pay holiday day canadaPerhaps,the most popular payment system online after the collapse of LibertyReserve remains SolidTrustPay. Their appeal to serious investors isn’t limited by its comparatively high fees, and the fact that it has a lot of convenient deposit and withdrawal methods and is officially incorporated in Canada where it has a genuine business address made STP quite a respected service provider during the last several years in operation. Like any business in Canada with a full time staff entitled to the rights and privileges that go with it, SolidTrustPay observes all the national holidays. So tonight the official STP blog (click here to read it) reminds us that Canada Day, celebrated next Monday, means deposits and withdrawals from your STP account will not be processed. It doesn’t affect in any way your HYIP investment activities and you can still invest in HYIPs as usual, but Monday is a day off so expect STP to return on Tuesday and remember to allow an extra day for transactions:

Holiday: July 1 2013
Please be advised that SolidTrust Pay’s Customer Support Department will be closed on Canada Day (Monday, July 1 2013). Due to this banking holiday, please allow for an additional day of transfer time for any deposits and withdrawals.
We will return to normal operating hours on Tuesday, July 2nd and would like to wish all those celebrating this weekend a safe and happy holiday!
For a complete list of all 2013 public holiday closures, click here.

In the second update SolidTrustPay again proved itself a responsible business that plays an active role in protective and relief efforts to help the community it serves. If you’ve been following the news and are aware of the tragic events in Alberta after the recent floods there, a special STP account was created users can donate funds in support of the victims. If you wish to contribute please read more in the second update from STP re-posted from their official blog below:

Alberta Flood Relief
When extreme flooding overtook to core of Calgary and other parts of Southern Alberta late last week, many residents were forced to leave their homes and belongings with very little notice. Cleanup efforts have commenced but damage is extensive and there are still families who are displaced and missing many day-to-day essentials.
How you can help:
SolidTrust Pay members wishing to lend support for the relief effort can make a donation via member to member transfer to STP_Relief_Funds with the transfer description “Alberta Flood Relief”. STPay will collect and donate the funds on the behalf of our membership to the groups aiding in Calgary and elsewhere in the province.
We would like to send our prayers and best wishes to all those affected by the flooding in this time of need.

As you can see in the world of payment processors STP take a conscientious approach to their business and their staff.

If you are not already using Solid Trust Pay you can get an account here:

Solid Trust Pay Account

If you are in Adhit Profits you can also use another processor that has slightly lower costs by checking another option below:

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Solid Trust Pay STP delays

I have had a number of people ask me why Solid Trust Pay is having delays on completing Bank Transfers and transfers to the International STP Mastercard debit card.


I have just go toff the phone with them and they have explained that they use West Pac and Technocash.

Change Hourly Rev Share withdrawal facilityTechnocash is the processor that Liberty Reserve was using and because of the Liberty Reserve investigations Technocash is under excessive scrutiny in all their transactions.

Because of this many transfers have been held up with no clear date of when these transfers will be completed.


As STP are conscientious with regard to the services they provide their customers and clients they have now switched to using a new bank for wires and a new processor.

The problem with this is they are now a new account holder and have to go through the standard regularised checks plus transferring funds from their old bank account to this current one to process withdraws and transfers to clients accounts.



Loyal Bank the provider of the Mastercard has also had to do a similar change of processor for very much the same reasons.

So the combination of these factors has made bank transfers and transfers to your card greatly delayed.

The only process presently that has little delay are bank Wires from SolidTrustPay to your bank.

If you are a trust card holder this takes 1-2 business days to action and then it takes 3 business days for the funds to show in your bank account.


The Liberty Reserve fiasco has hit most people in the industry in one way or another – but overall it is making things more secure and regulated for the benefit of all.



If you are wating for funds – you may wish to cancel your withdraws and put in a request for a Bank Wire instead. Or alternatively simply wait for Solid Trust Pay to complete their transition to their new bank to be complete with all their funds.

This is simply a bump in the road. Once this migration is complete things will be back to normal.



NOTE: A REPLY BY STP regards the above information

Hello. SolidTrust Pay PR team here. Actually, the above information is not quite correct.

1. The delay to the INTL MasterCard is due to a very large wire having arrived, but with some missing information. An amendment to the wire was required, and it has slowed everything up. The delay should be all cleared up by June 27/28.

2. STPay does not have a new bank account that we are waiting for anything on, but the bank that we are using to replace the TechnoCash option is much slower. Banks wires are not delayed or behind; they are just taking longer. Whomever has acquired the information above, when contacting us, probably heard ‘new bank’ and concluded ‘newly opened bank’. The correct conclusion is ‘new bank not used for wires before‘.

We hope this helps straighten out the information and your questions are always welcome. LIVECHAT is online everyday (except Mondays, as tickets from the weekend must be cleared first) so pop in and have a chat with us if you have any concerns.



Get your payment processor verified to the max

Have you set up your payment processor correctly?

There were some very important points made in the latest webinar we posted at:


And a few questions have been raised that need further clarification in the Skype groups.

So this update is to help you understand what is needed for the smoothness of getting paid out by HRS and any other program you are in.

So lets look at the payment processors that are out there and what information you need to make sure HRS and any other program can pay you without issue.



With each program they pay you via your payment processor via Ecurrency.

So for example with SolidTrustPay your account level dictates how much you can receive in Ecurrency.

  • An Active Account can only receive $250 per day
  • A Card Verified can only receive $500 per day
  • A Standard Verified can receive $9999 per day
  • A Bank Verified can receive $9999 per day

Solid Trust Pay account levelsSo it is important with SolidTrustPay and the other Payment Processors for you to make sure you get your account verified at the higher levels so that as your account grows you can actually receive your withdrawals at larger sizes.


But lets be clear on the exact information you need to have entered in your program to make sure you can receive your withdrawals with out problem.


With SolidTrustPay you need to make sure that you have to use your USERNAME to receive your withdrawals. Your user name IS NOT your email address.

SolidTrustPay username to use with HourlyRevShareWhen you sign up for SolidTrustPay (STP) at it is very important to make a note of the USERNAME you have to create. This username is CASE SENSITIVE, so make sure you make an accurate record of this.

If you already have an STP account you can find your username by logging in and then hover over:

‘MY ACCOUNT’ in the green menu bar.

Then select ‘Account Overview’.

This will take you to a page as shown in the image above.

It will say WELCOME in a blue header section.

Your USERNAME is just after your name. This is your LOGIN USERNAME that you have to use to actually login to STP (SolidTrustPay).

This Login USERNAME is what you enter at HourlyRevShare, BriscoFunds etc… so that they can send withdrawals to and receive funds from SolidTrustPay.

And again, as stated in the webinar a number of members of HourlyRevShare did not receive their withdrawal amounts because they had not entered their SolidTrustPay username correctly in the HourlyRevShare system.

So please check now that you have your USERNAME entered correctly at HourlyRevShare by going to ‘edit profile’ in your HourlyRevShare dashboard. Make sure you check the details in each of the other programs you are a member of too.

If you want any support in maximising your verification levels in SolidTrustPay you are welcome to get in touch and I will guide you through the process.

You can signup to SolidTrustPay by clicking here:

Here are a few more tips on signing up with STP – CLICK HERE

egopay payment processorEGOPAY

With EGOPAY you need a PAYZA account to fund it.

In HourlyRevShare and every other program you are in you will need to use your EgoPay login email address for you to fund and withdraw from your programs.

You can signup to EgoPay by going here:



PerfectMoney payment processor account numberPerfectMoney is a Panamanian payment processor which does not reveal all it’s charges until you are signed up with the processor.

In HourlyRevShare and every other program you are in you will need to use your USD account number. This number is within your Perfect Monkey dash board and begins with ‘U’. So the number will be UXXXX.

PerfectMoney gives you 3 accounts when you sign up.

One in Gold as the currency.

One in USD as the currency.

One in Euro as the currency.

HourlyRevShare and most other programs all work in USD so you need to enter your USD account number if you are using PerfectMoney as your payment processor.

If you need to signup with PerfectMoney you can sign up here:


HourlyRevShare have stopped using Liberty Reserve due to security risks with their accounts and reliability of payouts. Many users I have spoken to have also reported they have struggled to take funds out of LR, but many other have found it works well for them.

With Liberty Reserve you  can not use it with HourlyRevShare but it may be acceptable for other programs. Here again like PerfectMoney you need to use your USD account number, which is UXXXX.



Just this week 5000 people did not receive their withdrawal payments from HourlyRevShare because they had entered the wrong details for their payment processor in the HRS system and some had not got their payment processor verified in full before requesting a withdrawal. Because of this their payment processor refused to receive the funds HourlyRevShare was trying to send to them.

These delays and holdups are not necessary. They are frustrating for account holders and admin staff alike.

Take 5 minutes now and check that each of your programs have the correct payment processor details entered.

Take another 5 minutes to make sure that you are fully verified or at least in the process of being fully verified with your payment processor.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch. When it comes to being fully verified get in touch with your payment processor and see what is needed to get it done.

Do not put it off. Get it done. It only needs doing once and then the weekly and monthly funds you will choose to withdraw from your most successful programs will come to you with ease and without holdup.



Solid Trust Pay International Mastercard

When you are eventually bank verified at Solid Trust Pay you can order yourself a Master Card with your own off-shore account.

Here are the details as explained at STP:

The SolidTrust Pay International MasterCard® IS HERE !


Our SolidTrust branded MasterCard® is now available to all Bank Verified Members! You’ve waited a long time, and it has been worth it! Our INTL MasterCard® is an UNLIMITED executive level card that can be used wherever MasterCard® is accepted.

The card is not only a re-loadable, full featured debit card, it is connected to your own offshore bank account – FREE with the purchase of the card! Your private account is created when your card application is approved.


* pay as you go – YOU are in control of all your spending
* NO credit check required; photo ID and address verification only
* immediate access to your cash at any ATM worldwide in local currencies
* use online or offline for convenient, secure transactions
* the lowest available fees for this product type (card/bank account combination)!
* load the card quickly and easily from your SolidTrust Pay account
* instant Card to Card transfers to other cardholders – perfect for sharing with family and business associates


* Regular Card purchase cost:$85   includes Registered Mail, activation & registration fees
* FedEx Card purchase cost :$150   includes all FedEx costs, activation & registration fees
* Monthly maintenance fee:$5.00
* Card to card transfer fee:$1.50
* ATM Cash withdrawal fee:$3.50
* POS (point of sale) fee:1% of purchase price to a maximum of $10
* Maximum daily ATM withdrawal:NO LIMIT
* Maximum monthly card balance:NO LIMIT
* Load from your SolidTrust Pay balance:$5.00 maximum daily load: $2000

Identity Verification Documents Required

HourlyRevShare sign up
Even though you have already submitted documents to SolidTrust Pay, the underwriting bank requires recent, unaltered, new copies for their files. Our privacy policy does not allow us to share any of your personal information with 3rd parties without your permission. By sending new documents below, you are agreeing to give us permission to share them with the card provider.