HRS 2 update and PIFs 27 June 2013

Here is the latest news letter from Hourly Rev Share:

2013-06-26  HRS-II Update – Thursday 27th June
HRS-II – Update Thurs June 27

Hi Everyone,

We hope you all enjoyed a Great Weekend. Saturday Morning was the First Time in Months that Analie was able to enjoy a LAZY BREAKFAST/BRUNCH. Her feedback on that? “Oh God, that felt good.”

It’s almost as if we’ve gone from a “Sinking Titanic – with HRS-I” (which was doomed to “sink” if we weren’t going to Drastically Step In and Change) to a much more Advanced, safer and more stable “Queen Mary 2 – with HRS-II” (which is More Powerful, More Flexible, More Stable, and structured to withstand even the toughest of storms… while still giving all the Joys and Satisfaction that the Original HRS-I brought us in the beginning days PLUS many Extra Advantages that will be added along the way – to make your New Journey even more enjoyable and more profitable). And, at the moment, we still are in fully progress of TRANSFERING OVER our “Valued Passengers” as carefully and as respectfully as we can, onto our New Vessel.

Some believe that HRS-II is just a few of the Numbers that have been changed… but don’t be fooled by their short-sightedness. HRS-II has 7 Major Modifications to its Operations and Algorithms, which are all INTER-ACTIVE and EMPOWERING each other. Even if only 1 of these Modifications had been put in place, that would have already IMPROVED HRS-I a lot… but we WANTED MORE and we NEEDED MORE. These 7 Modifications all interact with each other in a Dynamic Way – and One magnifies the Other,… so it’s like we have the Power of 49 Major Enhancements. HRS-II has come much closer to a Healthy Human Body, where all the Systems must interactively operate together to bring Health and Happiness.

Today, this Market Place has become like a Constant Birth and Burial Scene… a New Program arrives, and a few weeks later, the same Program disappears. Even with some of the ones that ran for several months… all of a sudden… BOOM… gone and never to be seen again. Well… for Analie, such was NOT an OPTION. She realizes that the families around the world, who want to generated income from the Internet (and that is over 100 Million Families already), are wanting to find a SOLID and LASTING program. A program one can be proud and comfortable to introduce to your own Friends and Family. And that is what HRS-II will be – once all the pieces are in place, and once we are fully experienced in sailing this amazing vessel.

As we indicated on Friday these are our 2 Top Priorities:

The TOP Priority is to Focus on getting all accounts Funded. The Admin Team is working around the clock resolving all the Support Tickets to correct the wrong ZERO BALANCES.

»» PRIORITY # 2 – the PIF Accounts of HRS-I
The NEXT Top Priority is the Most Fair Solution for a very Complex issue – the PIF’d Accounts


As many of you (578 Members to be precise) have noticed that your necessary correction was made in your HRS-II account. We thank Moni and her Team for that. And we appreciate that many of you have Posted your Gratitude on


– There are 2,331 Tickets Submitted on the Subject (Wrong Zero Balances).
– 578 of them have now already been Resolved.
– And some have been submitted into the wrong Category.
– There are currently 4 people working on that.
– There are 6 to 8 New People about to start training to help with that.

The Objective is to get all Tickets (on the Wrong Zero Balances)
Resolved by early Next Week.

Resolving such an account is not an easy task. This is MANUAL WORK, and it must be done with accuracy. There is many different factors involved, so each Ticket, each Account must be treated with Special Attention – so that the end result is What it is Supposed to be. Not a Rush Job for sure.
It represents a very Sacred Value for each Family involved – and that is why our Support Staff is doing it – with Precision and Carefully with “gloves on”. On that Level, we treat each Member as a VIP (even the smallest Basic Account). We understand that Your Funds are your most Precious Asset.

We will Update you everyday on
what the progress is with these SUPPORT TICKETS


1. if you submitted your ticket to another category, it will take longer for your issue to be dealt with
(if you know you did, go in an REMOVE your Ticket and submit correctly)

2. PLEASE DO NOT submit another ticket if you have already (correctly) done so.
Duplicate tickets are slowing down the process for the admin staff.

3. Support tickets relating to other matters will be responded to once the process
of adding missing Ad packs is completed.

4. To ensure that you receive a response,
please open a GMAIL account and check your spam mail.
(many other email addresses do NOT work)

*** please do not send Support Tickets for PIF Accounts,
as this Issue has not even been addressed yet, and it
only would delay everyone’s progress further. PIF
Accounts Resolution will be our Next Priority. And
a Newsletter-Update will be dedicated to that alone.

»» PRIORITY # 2 – the PIF Accounts of HRS-I

For Overall Order and Progress, we have select to FIRST CLEAR OUT all the Support Tickets, relating to the WRONG ZERO BALANCES, before we move onto the PIF Accounts.

Please – don’t misunderstand this – we are not considering the PIF Matters as UN-important.
We know – 
it IS our NEXT PRIORITY – and next week we will tackle it with FULL FORCE.

And all the exact Parameters and Instructions will be given on how to get that Resolved.
So, please, don’t keep Posting on Facebook, asking about PIF
If you want to See what we do – check with Grumpy –
So – we might as well REPEAT it once again

*** please do not send Support Tickets for PIF Accounts, as this Issue has not even been addressed yet, and it only would delay everyone’s progress further. PIF Accounts Resolution will be our Next Priority. And a Newsletter-Update will be dedicated to that alone.


We know that there are a Few Ex-HRS Members who have gone down the “DARK HOLE”. They seem to be entertained by Bad Mouthing and Slandering HRS and/or some of the Key Leaders and Contributors of HRS. Some have stooped as low as even trying to THREATEN Analie, or Moni or Dr. Lieven. THAT IS NOT TOLERATED AT ALL. Automatically, these Members will find their HRS ACCOUNTS BLOCKED. They are directly in VIOLATION of the HRS Terms and Agreements.

We are fully aware of some of these Scam Screamers and of their Sites and their Facebook Pages. We will undertake Legal Action against them for every bit of Slandering Violation.

*** Please also understand that if YOU – as a current HRS Member are found to be part of such NEGATIVE and DESTRUCTIVE Endeavours… that we will also BLOCK your HRS Account.

HRS-II will NOT PAY A PENNY to a People who Bash and try to Trash HRS or its Members!

If you were “sucked” into their Negative Vortex… (cause they ADORE any other Complainer)… Do yourself a favour and TAKE DISTANCE from them. They are NOT interested in YOUR BENEFIT. They will not – as some attempt to promise – GET YOU YOUR MONEY. Instead, they would only AID you to find your HRS-II account SHUT DOWN AND BLOCKED.

Give it another month, and all of these LOUD SHOUTERS will have to put “A SHOE IN THEIR MOUTH”… because they will be ashamed for what they are doing now… when YOU and Everyone else deserves to Benefit from HRS-II and its great future ahead.

Enough said on this Subject.
We will clean house – out of respect for all other members.

Atticus the Calculator Guy

Some of you may already know – but someone of you probably don’t – we have a MATHEMATICAL GENIUS in our Midst, and who knows how to Program as well. This is our great friend, and HRS-II Member, Atticus (Atticus Killough) who has been a programmer for 15 yrs.

It’s Thanks to Atticus that we all could enjoy these amazing calculations in HRS-I. Well, now… Atticus has DONE IT AGAIN. He’s put out a special HRS-II Calculator. And in addition, he is great at making Videos, to Explain HOW TO USE and HOW TO UNDERSTAND the Calculator.

███ Mr Atticus has the New HRS-II Calculator Ready
███ To unlock the full potential of the calculator,
make sure have an active subscription:
This way, the Banners and all the links, are automatically LINKED to your
own HRS-II Account. That is Great to Build your Business. Show and Tell.
███ Like Atticus’ Page

Atticus Killough is one of the Greatly Respected Friends of HRS and is an AMAZING GENIUS with NUMBERS
(he may be a re-incarnation of EINSTEIN himself:)

He is currently re-working the HRS-II Calculator to INCLUDE the 300%~500% Max Withdrawal
(which that will also be one of the next Subjects in an Upcoming News-Update)

The HRS-II Calculator may “appear a bit overwhelming at first glance” – because Atticus really wanted this Calculator to be COMPLETE – it almost like a Scientific Calculator. But, once you will take the time to VIEW the VIDEO, it will all make sense – and Atticus guides you to make it all look easy. Naturally, there is a huge amount of Programming done behind the scenes for this.

So, please, TAKE THE TIME, to POST your APPRECIATION on FB for Atticus.
A Line of Praise only costs a MINUTE. And yet, it will be greatly welcomed.

And DO consider, upgrading from a Free Version to a very inexpensive FULL VERSION
as this will Unlock a Marketing Marvel that will greatly help you in your Referring.

Thank You Atticus.

VALUABLE RESOURCE to USE – Your HRS-I and HRS-II Banner Credits

David the Video Guy

We also want to honour our HRS-II fellow Member David Will for some of the great Videos that he has made to help all HRS Members.

Did you know… that YOU GET TO KEEP all of your BANNER CREDITS from HRS-I???

That’s Right – so for those who want to claim “I LOST EVERYTHING”… well, here is one more reason why that is not correct. Actually, you are inheriting a VERY VALUABLE ASSET or ESTATE from your former HRS-I account: “YOU GET TO KEEP all of your BANNER CREDITS from HRS-I!”

Some of you believe that HRS is just about MAKING MONEY or MAKING PROFIT… but the CORE PRODUCT or SERVICE of HRS is BANNER IMPRESSIONS. And – like with all things, there is a WISE way of USING and FULLY VALORISING this PRODUCT. After all – you PAID FOR IT. You might as well USE it.

This Video that David just recently uploaded shows you how you can USE and BENEFIT from these BANNER IMPRESSIONS:

Also there – show David your Appreciation, and give him a LIKE on YouTUBE and write him a short THANK YOU NOTE in the Comments. Hey… you know, if you had made that Video, that you too, would appreciate a WORD OF KIND APPRECIATION.

Oh… and you will love David’s Voice. It’s very easy on the ear 

Thank you David!


See folks… the Strength of a Program is in it’s Members. When you see what Members like Atticus (the Calculator man) and David (the Video man) are willing to VOLUNTARILY do to Contribute to HRS-II, then we hope you also GET INSPIRED to do YOUR PART.

Did you know that there is a Direct Relationship between The Amount or The Intensity of CONTRIBUTION (or of BEING OF SERVICE) to a Particular Project and how much that you will Benefit (and that includes also EARN or PROFIT) from that Project?

LAST but NOT LEAST – today is WITHDRAWALS DAY – Thursday !!!

Did you know that last week, ALL WITHDRAWALS from last were PAID less than 48 hours after Submission.

Yes, Analie paid
STP: $ 350.000.00+ All Paid by Friday
EgoPay: $ 120,000.00+ All Paid by Friday
PM: $ 150,000.00+ All Paid by Friday
Analie LOVES to make PAY OUTS – because that is her PRIDE and JOY, to send this PAY OUTS as little RAYS OF LIGHT into FAMILIES AROUND THE GLOBE.

So, don’t miss today – Thursday, as this permits you 24 hours to submit your New Withdrawal.

Time to Leave You
and Love You

Until our Next News-Update

The Entire HRS-II Team

Solid Trust Pay – having a day off next Monday

This is an update regarding Solid Trust Pay and the corporate approach they take for their operation and staff privileges and rights:


Solid Trust Pay holiday day canadaPerhaps,the most popular payment system online after the collapse of LibertyReserve remains SolidTrustPay. Their appeal to serious investors isn’t limited by its comparatively high fees, and the fact that it has a lot of convenient deposit and withdrawal methods and is officially incorporated in Canada where it has a genuine business address made STP quite a respected service provider during the last several years in operation. Like any business in Canada with a full time staff entitled to the rights and privileges that go with it, SolidTrustPay observes all the national holidays. So tonight the official STP blog (click here to read it) reminds us that Canada Day, celebrated next Monday, means deposits and withdrawals from your STP account will not be processed. It doesn’t affect in any way your HYIP investment activities and you can still invest in HYIPs as usual, but Monday is a day off so expect STP to return on Tuesday and remember to allow an extra day for transactions:

Holiday: July 1 2013
Please be advised that SolidTrust Pay’s Customer Support Department will be closed on Canada Day (Monday, July 1 2013). Due to this banking holiday, please allow for an additional day of transfer time for any deposits and withdrawals.
We will return to normal operating hours on Tuesday, July 2nd and would like to wish all those celebrating this weekend a safe and happy holiday!
For a complete list of all 2013 public holiday closures, click here.

In the second update SolidTrustPay again proved itself a responsible business that plays an active role in protective and relief efforts to help the community it serves. If you’ve been following the news and are aware of the tragic events in Alberta after the recent floods there, a special STP account was created users can donate funds in support of the victims. If you wish to contribute please read more in the second update from STP re-posted from their official blog below:

Alberta Flood Relief
When extreme flooding overtook to core of Calgary and other parts of Southern Alberta late last week, many residents were forced to leave their homes and belongings with very little notice. Cleanup efforts have commenced but damage is extensive and there are still families who are displaced and missing many day-to-day essentials.
How you can help:
SolidTrust Pay members wishing to lend support for the relief effort can make a donation via member to member transfer to STP_Relief_Funds with the transfer description “Alberta Flood Relief”. STPay will collect and donate the funds on the behalf of our membership to the groups aiding in Calgary and elsewhere in the province.
We would like to send our prayers and best wishes to all those affected by the flooding in this time of need.

As you can see in the world of payment processors STP take a conscientious approach to their business and their staff.

If you are not already using Solid Trust Pay you can get an account here:

Solid Trust Pay Account

If you are in Adhit Profits you can also use another processor that has slightly lower costs by checking another option below:

[ez_btn color=”green” url=”” target=”_blank”]Another Option[/ez_btn]


Solid Trust Pay STP delays

I have had a number of people ask me why Solid Trust Pay is having delays on completing Bank Transfers and transfers to the International STP Mastercard debit card.


I have just go toff the phone with them and they have explained that they use West Pac and Technocash.

Change Hourly Rev Share withdrawal facilityTechnocash is the processor that Liberty Reserve was using and because of the Liberty Reserve investigations Technocash is under excessive scrutiny in all their transactions.

Because of this many transfers have been held up with no clear date of when these transfers will be completed.


As STP are conscientious with regard to the services they provide their customers and clients they have now switched to using a new bank for wires and a new processor.

The problem with this is they are now a new account holder and have to go through the standard regularised checks plus transferring funds from their old bank account to this current one to process withdraws and transfers to clients accounts.



Loyal Bank the provider of the Mastercard has also had to do a similar change of processor for very much the same reasons.

So the combination of these factors has made bank transfers and transfers to your card greatly delayed.

The only process presently that has little delay are bank Wires from SolidTrustPay to your bank.

If you are a trust card holder this takes 1-2 business days to action and then it takes 3 business days for the funds to show in your bank account.


The Liberty Reserve fiasco has hit most people in the industry in one way or another – but overall it is making things more secure and regulated for the benefit of all.



If you are wating for funds – you may wish to cancel your withdraws and put in a request for a Bank Wire instead. Or alternatively simply wait for Solid Trust Pay to complete their transition to their new bank to be complete with all their funds.

This is simply a bump in the road. Once this migration is complete things will be back to normal.



NOTE: A REPLY BY STP regards the above information

Hello. SolidTrust Pay PR team here. Actually, the above information is not quite correct.

1. The delay to the INTL MasterCard is due to a very large wire having arrived, but with some missing information. An amendment to the wire was required, and it has slowed everything up. The delay should be all cleared up by June 27/28.

2. STPay does not have a new bank account that we are waiting for anything on, but the bank that we are using to replace the TechnoCash option is much slower. Banks wires are not delayed or behind; they are just taking longer. Whomever has acquired the information above, when contacting us, probably heard ‘new bank’ and concluded ‘newly opened bank’. The correct conclusion is ‘new bank not used for wires before‘.

We hope this helps straighten out the information and your questions are always welcome. LIVECHAT is online everyday (except Mondays, as tickets from the weekend must be cleared first) so pop in and have a chat with us if you have any concerns.



UTS Profit Ads Calculator

UTS Profit Ads is a new program that has already given me incredible returns. Over the coming days there will be a series of ‘How To’ videos for UTS.

UTS Profit Ads ReviewOne thing every one likes to do it calculate the profitability of how the system works.

Now as UTS is a 100% profit share site this is not easy to do, as profits will vary from day to day and from hour to hour.

But there is an online calculator that you can use to give you a taste of what UTS can do for you.

You can try the UTS calculator out by clicking the link below:

UTS Calculator

I currently have built my account up to beyond 180 adpacks over the past 7 days from a cash start of $400. When you use this calculator it can make your eyes water.

I so so love this.

If you want to see a tour of my account in the first few days of starting you can get full access here:



If you are not already in UTS Profit Ads you can sign up here:

When you signup you become a Bonusplus Team member in the program. This gives you access to one on one support in the program and guidance as to how to manage and grow your account at the fastest pace.

Once you have signed up you will get a welcome email with all my contact details and full instructions on what to do next to get started quickly.

HRS 2 Hourly Rev Share new calculator

As you already know with the birth of HRS 2 (Hourly Rev Share 2) there have been changes to the rates and the way the figures work.

So this has been taxing many peoples brains getting used to the new rates and figures.

For your ease and convenience you can play around with your figures and look at future projections with the calculator here:

HRS 2 Calculator

Hourly Rev Share - progress and changeVisit the calculator and even book mark it so you can return to it with ease.


This wonderful tool clearly shows you what happens if you repurchase from your profits and withdraw or simply withdraw without repurchasing over a time period of your choice.

Please note the number of days only refers to business days, i.e. Monday – Friday. So 30 business says is actually 6 weeks, and 60 business days is 12 weeks.


From the calculator you will see

If you do not repurchase it will take a certain amount of time for you to withdraw all your seed money:

If you have Basic adpacks it will take 81 business days to withdraw your seed (just over 16 weeks)

If you have Premium adpacks it will take 31 business days to withdraw your seed (just over 6 weeks)

If you have VIP adpacks it will take 31 business days to withdraw your seed too.


Now if you are happy to repurchase and earn extra income on your profits and rebates then your accounts will grow for the longer term.

So here if you use a withdrawal strategy it will take longer to get your seed money back out but it at the same time will keep your account healthier for the long term.

Some people want the reassurance that they have their seed money back in their hand and others want to have some withdrawals but are not in a rush to get their seed money back out in full.

All this is a personal choice. I have my own strategies that suit my thought patterns and I’m sure you will have your own.

I hope the use of this calculator will help you greatly in making your own educated decisions.