Ad Hit Profits withdrawal received in less than 2 hours

Adhitprofits review by bonusplusThis is just a quick up date about withdrawing money out of Ad Hit Profits.

This morning I put a withdrawal request in from my personal Ad Hit Profits account.

I put the withdrawal request in at:

30 May 2013 03:31

Do you know how long it took for me to receive these funds?

Do you know what time I received my funds in SolidTrustPay?

Any guesses?

In a day… a week… or a matter of hours?


Ad Hit Profits withdrawal truth

Well the truth is I received the funds at:

30 May 2013 04:48

That is – it took 1 hour and 17 minutes to receive my funds.

I am blown away.

I have spoken to people that have received their funds within 6 minutes, but 1 hour and 17 minutes is breathtaking for me.

I’ve waited 48 hours… 2 weeks… 1 month… and even 5 months in other programs…

So to receive the funds in 1 hour and 17 minutes is a record for me.

And in the skype group for Ad Hit Profits all the members seem to be reporting the same happy results.


If you too want to take advantage of incredibly fast and reliable payouts from an online program you can’t go wrong with Adhits.

If you want to signup for free to see what the program is like on the inside you can get instant access with the link below:

Once you are on the inside I will send you an email with my personal contact details so that we can chat about what is possible with Adhits.

You can also see an overview of my account in video format with the link below:

Here is an official video trailer for Ad Hit Profits



As you probably know Adhits is 100% profit share. So when you are in the program you get a share of the profits every day (well every 30 minutes).

Currently a couple of millionaires from another program are about to join Adhits.

These guys are going to bring some serious profits to Adhits and this means if you’re in it you get a slice too.

I love HRS, I absolutely adore Brisco but Adhits is one hell of a growing program that is paying out at lightening speed.

You can find out more here.

What do I do with Ad Hit Profits now

A few people have asked about what they do with Ad Hit Profits once they have got started.

So here is a quick video to show you how.

What do I do with Ad Hit Profits

If you want to see how you can promote other programs with Ad Hit Profits watch the video at this link too:

If you are not already in Ad Hit Profits you can get more details by visiting this update here:



Ad hit profits – how to add your banner for a directory listing

Quite a few of you have seen the potential in Ad Hit Profits and the beauty of the system for multiple withdrawals per day and only waiting a matter of hours to receive your money.

If you want to know how to add your banner listing to your Ad Hit Profits account then this video will help you do it.

How to add your banner to Ad Hit Profits

If you have any questions about running your Ad Hit Profits account feel free to get in touch.

You can get an overview of this program by following the link below:


How is Analie of Hourly Rev Share feeling

Here is a snippet from a question asked of Dr Lieven regarding how Analie Steinway of Hourly Rev Share is feeling in the wake of her son’s accident.
Analie Steinway Hourly Rev Share live from Berlin

Someone asked:

“Hi DrLieven, How’s Analie been feeling? Hopefully a little better.”


“Her Son (Klaus) continues to make POSITIVE PROGRESS… and that naturally means “THE WORLD” to Analie… and automatically helps her to feel better – yes.”

“Also – I CAN CONFIRM that there is ACTIVE PLANNING IN PROGRESS for the RESTRUCTURING and STRENGTHENING of our Future with HourlyRevShare.

Analie IS effectively a LEADER who will not give up (inspite of the all the adversities)…
…and therefore, an UPDATE, or a WEBINAR, or a NEWSLETTER will follow for sure.

If I knew an Exact Date I would already give it, but I don’t.

However, I CAN confirm that the people “behind the screens” are not just sitting around “watching the clouds go by”… instead they are ACTIVELY WORKING on what we ALL only can hope for… and that is a CONTINUED PROSPEROUS FUTURE together.”


So at present some people have been asking how to manage their Hourly Rev Share accounts in the meantime.

Last week the withdrawals were live on the Wednesday 22nd May.

This week the withdrawals were again not open on the usual Tuesday, but were thankfully live again today Wednesday 29th.

There is no clear update to say it will be on Wednesday’s from now on, but it would be wise to be prepared to go for the Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

A number of people have messaged me about withdrawing their seed (the amount of money they originally put into HRS).

So some people are letting their rebate balance build until next week so they can put a withdraw request in for a weeks worth of profits.

I would not suggest this as an approach for everyone, but it does work for a few people‘s accounts who intend to do this and then build after that.

If you want to chat about whether this approach would be a good fit for your account feel free to get in touch.

Post a message below or send a message by clicking here.


Another comment in one Facebook group was given about the catching up and delays with some HRS payouts:

I think the daily payout limit for a fully verified commercial/business account with STP is $500,000 daily.

That would only account for 500 members at $1,000.

It seems reasonable as to the cap on daily payments coupled with the weekly withdraw limits.

For me… I am just waiting on the next announcement.

So an answer for this issue regarding Hourly Rev Share withdrawals made via SolidTrustPay would need addressing.

Hourly Rev Share - progress and changeIf 500k per day is the limit then the weekly limit would be pay outs of either $2.5m (on a 5 day week) or $3.5m (on a 7 day week).

I know a lot of people that are putting in $5k per week withdrawals – so it can be easy to see that the limits can be reached with less than 150 of the top earners in any given day.

Some people have been suggesting an introduction of a HRS pre-paid card for the smoothness of withdrawing. I am not sure if this is a solution but it has been suggested by a couple of members.

These things are yet to be clarified and publicly addressed.

But as Dr Lieven says there are measures being worked on in the background, and  I am confident it will be sorted in the coming weeks.

As soon as a new webinar and update becomes available I will let you know.


In the meantime – love and best wishes to Analie, Klaus and Claudia.


I’m sure as far as us Hourly Rev Share members are concerned clear structured updates and improvements will be shared soon.



Kirsten R

Woo hoo been paid for the 23rd 🙂

Giordany D

I got paid yesterday! We are pleased to inform that you have received a payment to your account.

Jason C

Just checked my Email:
Your SolidTrust Pay account has been credited

Lisa M

My 16th withdrawal
My faith has been resumed! lol
Your SolidTrust Pay account has been credited with $2870.23

Gassin A

Hi everyone .. i got paid for the 23rd today !! Thanks HRS !!

Sarah E

Your SolidTrust Pay account has been credited with $5XXX

Maria O

…today I received the first payment from HRS on April 23… Analie, with… problems of her beloved son… works with us and for us.

Thank you for the hope that you give us to improve our future … God help Analie, Moni for their hard work for all of us.

Thank you Thank you Thank you very much


Hourly Rev Share Tuesday withdrawal May 28th

In Hourly Rev Share the tradition has been that withdrawals are made once per week up to a maximum of $5k per week, per person.

Hourly Rev Share withdrawal facility changeLast week as a one off the withdrawal facility was made available on the Wednesday 22nd May. This week however due to certain technical issues the withdrawal facility is not enabled for this Tuesday 28th.

Now there are some payouts outstanding and not completed to date – so the guess to the technical issue is suggested to be an assistance for the payouts to catch-up to date.

This gives an excellent opportunity for those that want to withdraw to build-up a nice rebate balance well in advance of the withdrawal facility going live next Tuesday June 4th.

Some members have mentioned how they would love to put a maximum $5k withdrawal in, and this is an opportunity to build it up ready for this for next week.


Now at this point there are 2 other programs that some of us in the Bonusplus Team are consistently withdrawing money from every day – without fail.

The one program allows withdrawals every week day from Monday through to Friday, even on Bank Holidays.

The other allows withdrawals everyday of the week and pays you out in less than 24 hours, most of the time it is less than 6.

Because a few of you have asked about these programs I have created a couple of videos to explain about them beter.

BRISCO – $39k in withdrawals in a week

The first one is called Brisco – you can watch a video run through of how this program can pay you out in $39k in withdrawals within a week with out too much trouble or hassle. The system and plan is extremely simple and flexible.

You can find out more by clicking the link below: 

ADHIT – 12% per day personal account growth – payouts in 6 hours

The second one is called Adhit – you can watch a video run through of how this program allows you to make multiple withdrawals per day, and each withdrawal only takes a matter of hours before you get it in your payment processor.

I also show how my personal account averaged out a growth of 12% per day over the first 14 days.

You can find out more by clicking the link below:

If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them below.