Some balance definitions

Rebate Balance:

Rebate Balance actually is your earning balance; all your daily earnings are added in Rebate Balance.

Commission Balance:

Commission Balance is your earnings from referral purchases. All your referral commission goes into this account.

Re-Purchase Balance:

Re-purchase account is activated whenever you withdraw. When you withdraw, 30% goes into Re-purchase Balance account, which you can use to buy more ad packs.

How to get to $1000 per day in under 60 days

A strategy from a lady who is earning $3000 per day in rebates and profits using HourlyRevShare:

The key to getting there is to purchase basic until you are earning $150 per day then [private_HRS User Help]wait 2 days and buy premium.

Continue buying premium until you are earning $500 per day and then wait 2 days and start buying VIP’s every other day [/private_HRS User Help]…and you will get to where I am.

This lady has been in HRS since February 2013 and by the end of March 2013 she is repurchasing 2 VIP’s a day from rebates and a third VIP from commissions.

That’s a stagering $3k per day!! She started with $1000 on 5th February – a staggering achievement in less than 60 days!



Payment Processors

At present many online systems gives you a choice of payment processors. Some of these are:



This is a Canadian company who is available via phone on … and … For a Bank authorised account they give you the ability to fund and withdraw your account with up to $10,000 per day. FUNDING COSTS & LIMITS They charge 5.5% for funding your account via a credit or debit card. They charge 4.5% for funding your account via a bank transfer. WITHDRAWAL COSTS & LIMITS They charge… They charge…

You can watch a set-up video on Youtube by clicking here.


This is a company based in Panama and serves Eastern Europe to a very large extent. They pay 4% per year on your positive credit balances. You can quite rapidly get your account verified with PM.   DEPOSIT COSTS From 1% via a bank wire – and no charge for bank transfers but this can increase to 5.5%.

The minimum deposit via bank transfer is $1,000 A bank transfer will take between 3 – 5 business days to complete.

They work with ALL COUNTRIES (excluding Iran, Iraq, Nigeria and South Korea).   WITHDAWAL COSTS $100 +3% bank fees via bank wire The time for funds to appear in your own bank account is 24 hours.

The minimum withdrawal is $100. You can withdraw your money into any bank account of your choice. Republic of Panama Company No. 596918 License No. 1267339-1-596918-2008-105548 Phone (+507) 832-6698 Mailing address: PO Box 0601-00395 Ciudad de Panamá República de Panamá


The only way you can fund EgoPay is via a PAYZA account. More details about the costs of using PAYZA (which can not be used for UK citizens) can be found by clicking here.

Payza0.59 + 3.9%2 business days

HRS Skype chat rooms

For HourlyRevShare users and members there are a series of skype chat rooms – where you can ask questions, draw inspiration, latest news and find out how others are leveraging the system.

To get added to a chatroom connect with Darren with a chat request below:


Here is one skype chat room:

Is there a maximum adpack purchase amount

The maximum adpack you can purchase as a new member is: $10,000

The maximum adpack you can purchase once you are a member is $250,000